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24 Hour Plumber

24 Hour Plumber  – Advantages Of Working With So Cal Services



So Cal Services is the most professional and reliable 24 hour plumber.  We respond to any of your plumbing problems without delay. Our hotline is open 24/7 to respond to all emergencies – large or small – quickly.

Bottom line when a plumbing problem strikes, you want fast response, someone reliable who will fix the problem correctly the first time, someone who is honest and does not try to sell you products and services you do not need, and someone who treats your home or business as if it were their own.  This describes So Cal Services to a T.


What Makes So Cal Services The Best 24 Hour Plumber


Credentials and Testimonials

We at So Cal Services are a team of certified professionals who are highly skilled technicians.  We are honed and trained in using the latest equipment in solving and fixing any plumbing problem.

We offer efficient and timely services to resolve any plumbing issues within your budget.  We do not add on more than you need; Our products are also of the best quality with guaranteed warranty.

Proof of our long, trusted service is evident by the 5-star customer reviews.

24/7 Fast Response

So Cal Services responds without delay to any of your distress calls regarding any plumbing problems.  We are open 24/7 to provide comfort and service to our customers even in the middle of the night.

We are also more than happy to answer any questions regarding the services that we offer and estimates on problem fixes.

Modern Equipment and Top Quality Products

The best way to pinpoint and resolve any plumbing problem is to use only the best equipment.  So Cal Services technicians are equipped with the best tools and equipment that resolve any plumbing problem efficiently.

In case of the need of installation of new equipment, So Cal Services offers the best and top quality appliances to fit any budget, including water heaters, water filtration units  garbage disposals, etc. If there are any problems with the appliances we offer 100% warranty.

Honest and Reliable Service

So Cal Services offers honest and affordable plumbing services relation.  We do not base the quality of our service on your budget. We offer fair treatment and service with 100% warranty to all.

We finish any plumbing problem within the timeline discussed with you.  No additional fees, overtime or selling of unnecessary equipment you don’t need.  .

Full Range of Plumbing Services

So Cal Services offers a full range of services from repairs and maintenance to new appliance and equipment installation.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Air conditioning repairs, installation or maintenance.

  • Heating repairs, installation or maintenance.

  • Water filtration or water heater service and installation

  • Leak detection and repair

  • Garbage disposal service and replacement

  • Hydro Jetting

  • Pipe repair or maintenance


24 Hour Plumber  – Troubleshooting Plumbing Problems


Plumbing problems may occur and usually do occur at an inconvenient time.  I think every time my kitchen sink has totally backed up, it has been the very day I was having guests for dinner.  Calling a plumbing service is the right approach for fast repair, but sometimes you might prefer to try and troubleshoot and fix problems yourself.

Some plumbing problems are simple enough to resolve yourself completely, while some need a temporary fix to prevent the problem from escalating, to save you both money and time.

Dishwasher leaks and water flow problems are some common appliance problems dealt with by a plumbing service.  Here are some tips and advice in troubleshooting dishwasher plumbing problems.

Dishwasher Plumbing Problems You Might Be Able to Fix

Dishwasher Door/Door Gaskets:

This part of the dishwasher prevents water from leaking outside when using the dishwasher.  If there is accumulated water on the floor below the dishwasher door, check for any loose screws or holes.  Also check if the door gasket is properly sealing the dishwasher door.

Water Inlet Valves:

Water inlet valves are where the dishwasher gets the supply of water. The inlet valve could cause flooding or leaking if stuck.  Check the hose for any cracks or tears. If you find either, replace the hose with a new one.


Pump Seals:

If the water drips from the motor or pump housing the problem might be in the pump seals.  Pump seals come into play during draining and filling of the dishwasher. Causes of leaks might be due to chemicals or detergents or simply corrosion due to aging.  If leaking, the best fix is to replace the pump seals.

Float/Float Switch:

These devices control the water level of your dishwasher, preventing it from overfilling or draining without control.  The best way to check if the float and float switch are fine is to check its wiring.

Check the continuity of the device using a multimeter to see if it is working properly.  Also check for any debris that might be restricting the float from moving vertically.

Hose Clamps and Hoses:

Hose clamps secure the hoses which circulate the water. They might fail due to corrosion and could cause the hose to come loose. If this is the problem the best fix is to replace the hose clamps.

Door Switch:

The door switch functions as an off/on mechanism that prevents the dishwasher from operating when the door is opened.  If the dishwasher does not fill even if you close the door, then the problem most likely is in the door switch.

Try checking the wires and use a multimeter to check its continuity.


The tub is the entirety of the dishwasher.  It serves as a casing for your dishwasher. Possible leaks would be due to corrosion or pressure exerted by suds.

Try to avoid using a regular soap instead of a dishwasher friendly detergent.  If there are holes or cracks in your tub, unfortunately, it is best to replace the dishwasher with a new one.

Other Parts:

These above are just some of the most common dishwasher parts that experience problems or leaks. If there are parts of a dishwasher you do not understand it is best to contact a professional.  This is to avoid more costly scenarios that could destroy your entire appliance.


For The Best 24 Hour Plumber – Call Us


We at So Cal Services are open 24/7 to provide any plumbing assistance that you need.  We are proud of our experienced and highly skilled technicians who consistently provide 5 star service.

We also offer top quality products and equipment if you need new appliance replacement and installation.

Don’t hesitate to call us with questions.  We are always available to discuss any topic regarding your plumbing problem.  We also are happy to discuss potential solutions, timeline and cost.

Contact us  at 951-926-1978

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