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Affordable Plumber

Affordable Plumber Near Me – Advantages Of Working With So Cal Services



So Cal Services is the best and most affordable plumber in the area, providing top quality service within your budget.  We are the most reliable and skilled company you could ever wish for.

When a plumbing emergency strikes, you want fast response, the problem fixed efficiently the first time, someone who does not try to sell you unnecessary repairs or worse yet, a new appliance, and someone who treats you and your home or business with respect and honesty.  This describes So Cal Services perfectly. Call us and see. 951-926-1978


Why So Cal Services Is The Best Plumbing Service


Full Service Plumber

So Cal Services offers a variety of top quality services including repairs, maintenance and installation. With our expert plumbers we provide specific services for your equipment from plumbing and pipe problems, to dishwashers, to ventilation systems and air conditioners and heaters and more.

Top quality service includes:

  • Air conditioning repairs, installation or maintenance.

  • Heating repairs, installation or maintenance.

  • Water filtration and water heaters

  • Leak detection and repair

  • Garbage disposal Systems

  • Hydro Jetting

  • Pipe repair or maintenance


Rest assured that we offer not only high quality service but also high quality products to fit an budget. These products are dependable, durable and fully warrantied.

We offer the best customer service carefully listening to your problem and needs. We help you draft the best solution or choose the right product.

High Quality and Modern Equipment

Trained and certified, our technicians only used the best modern equipment to solve your problem efficiently.  Accurately pinpointing and troubleshooting the problem in your plumbing quickly is our goal.

Reliable, Honest and Efficient

The company and the services we offer are reliable and honest. We work efficiently on schedule without overtime charges ever and also never add on fees. We do not force or trick you into buying equipment or services you do not need.  We at So Cal Services always strive to exceed our customer’s expectations providing service to our customers twice the value of the money they invest to us.

Night and Day 24/7 Availability

Our service hotline is open 24/7. We can fix any of your plumbing problems quickly before it gets worse.


Affordable Plumber Near Me – So Cal Services the Best Affordable Plumber


Hiring an affordable and cost effective plumbing doesn’t mean you deserve low quality service.  So Cal Services is the best affordable plumber locally that provides state of the art services within your budget.

Why So Cal Services Is The Best Affordable Plumber


Good Investment.

You might think that a small plumbing problem doesn’t need much professional maintenance.  And that you spending money for a simple piece of work is a waste.

That might be true. But looking at it rationally, any small problem with your plumbing when left unattended might become worse. And fixing it alone is a great risk.

Investing on our affordable and top quality service is the best idea. We provide exceptional service and fix things right the first time.  and we warranty our work.

No Extras

We provide exceptional service without unnecessary add-ons. With honest timelines to show you how long your fix will take without overtime ever!

We also take into account your budget when planning the best possible way to suit your needs and fix your problem. And don’t forget that 100% guarantee.

You now have the idea of why we are the best plumbing service.


The Best Affordable Plumber – Services We Offer


Here is the list of the affordable services we offer.

Garbage Disposal

Through time garbage disposal units will eventually clog down and break due to extensive usage.

With our highly trained technicians we repair your garbage disposal units efficiently.  We also offer maintenance to ensure your unit works efficiently without encountering any problem.  So Cal Services can also install new garbage disposal units in the case of non-repairable units. With our top quality products, we have the est for every budget.

Hydro Jetting.

Clogs in your drain? Our hydro jetting service efficiently clears and cleans up your drain in no time without damaging your pipes.

Leak Detection

Not addressing possible leak problems can affect your water supply. It can even get costly as leak problems are the main cause of unexplained increases in the water bill.

With our state of the art equipment and highly trained technicians we can easily pinpoint any leaks from your pipes or toilets.

Water Filtration System

Water is very important. But if the water quality is not good then your health is at risk. So Cal Services offers water filtration system repair, maintenance and installation.

Constant maintenance is needed for your water filtration system to ensure longevity of your equipment and purity of your water supply. Our certified and highly trained plumbers can also install water filtration systems.

With water filtration systems any toxic or harmful substances from your water can be removed easily making the water purer, cleaner and safer to use.

Water Heaters

Water heaters are essential in everyday home use.  Bathing in freezing water is uncomfortable and washing dishes in cold water doesn’t do the trick.

Here are some possible signs that your water heater is need of repair or replacement:

  • Accumulated water or wet areas around or near your water heater

  • Cold or rust colored water coming from your hot water faucet.

  • Frequent disturbing nd odd noises near your water heater


So Cal Services offer installation as well as repairs to ensure you have a good morning and a warm shower.


Pipe Repair and Replacement.  

Leaking pipes can be fixed easily. But there are some cases that the leaking problem is complex enough that you need to contact a professional. So Cal Services offers advice as well as efficient pipe repair in these cases.

Some pipes are also too old and corroded especially in old homes.  Replacing these pipes often is the best possible choice before things get worse and more costly.  So Cal Services offers efficient and professional repiping to reduce damages.

Efficient, honest and professional So Cal Services offers the most affordable plumbing service.  Contact us today and let’s talk about your plumbing problem. 951-926-1978

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