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Garbage Disposal Repair - Why So Cal Services is the Best

So Cal Services is the answer to residents who keep asking themselves, “What is the best garbage disposal repair near me?” Our company provides total client satisfaction using modern technology and techniques, top-notch OEM parts, and certified technicians.

Through the years, we have become trusted service providers of garbage disposal installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance. We have done this through the following:

Exceptional client service

As a locally-owned company, we know what residents in the area need and what problems they normally encounter. This intimate knowledge of our client base allows us to offer them the right solutions for all their garbage disposal unit concerns.

By ensuring that each client receives the best service possible, we have endeared ourselves to them and made our company a go-to place for Southern California residents with garbage disposal issues.

Complete range of services

We don’t just tackle garbage disposal repairs, but other kinds of plumbing and HVAC services such as:

  • General plumbing such as pipe repair, re-piping, leak detection, and other repair

  • Water filtration systems

  • Water heaters

  • Plumbing and piping

  • HVAC and A/C units

  • Gas lines

Full warranty.

There are very few service providers confident enough to provide warranty for their labor, parts, and services -- just like the ones we provide at So Cal Services.

Our partnership with top manufacturers and suppliers allow us to offer such guarantees for property owners and is yet another reason why we have become highly trusted by our clients.

Use of modern equipment

We have made a conscious effort to invest in procuring the latest equipment that lets us complete jobs quickly and satisfactorily.

Having the best tools to help us in our job also means that we can offer high-quality service and create as little inconvenience as possible to our customers. So when you hire us, you can expect to have the right results in the soonest possible time.

Upfront dealings

So Cal Services puts a premium on ensuring that our clients are fully aware of what they have to pay for. With this, we make sure that we are always upfront with them no matter what services we do for them. When you hire us, you can expect the following:

  • Reasonable cost estimate. We assure you that when we give a cost estimate for the services that we will do for you, such a figure will be honest to goodness. You won’t have to pay for hidden charges or overtime work since we lay down everything before starting any project.

  • Realistic deadlines. Our company has always been responsive to emergencies called to us by our dear clients. This is why when they tap us to do plumbing, heating, or other HVAC jobs, we give them deadlines that we can surely beat. By making sure that clients know how much time we need to finish our job, we avoid giving them false hopes and affecting their daily schedules.

Certified technicians

We only hire technicians who have industry certifications and proven skills. All of our service crews are in-house, which means that no contractual workers are sent to our projects. This protocol allows us to ensure the best standards in how we do our projects.

Additionally, by getting only professional technicians, we can assure clients that everything that we do is compliant with all applicable local, state, and federal codes.

Our technicians likewise strive to improve on their craft by attending further studies and learning new trends and technologies in their chosen field.

24/7 availability

We know that when things go bad, they do so no matter the place and time of day. Because of this, we have long decided to offer 24/7 emergency garbage disposal repair services to residents of Southern California.

So whenever you have a plumbing or heating emergency, you know who to call.

Best Garbage Disposal Repair Near Me

Garbage disposal units can bog down at any given time and cause a huge inconvenience for occupants of the affected home or commercial establishment. It’s the sort of time when you won’t help but ask aloud, “How am I going to get the best garbage disposal repair near me?” Falter not since we have you covered.

So Cal Services has a team of licensed technicians with expertise in handling problems related to garbage disposal units. Our repair crews know how to pinpoint the root cause of the problem, identify the right fix, and resolve the issue at the most efficient and fastest way possible.

They know practically everything about garbage disposal units so they can be trusted to perform the needed service with guaranteed positive results.

You can actually perform a check-up of your garbage disposal unit on your own. Just keep an eye on these signs of problematic garbage disposal:

Foul smell

Garbage disposal units with failing components usually give off a foul odor that is easily discernible. Nasty odors coming from the unit indicate that it cannot cut large food pieces into manageable sizes, so the chunks get bad over time and give off such smells.

In such a case, your best move is to call experts like us so we can make the necessary repairs.


When you see that there is a leak coming from the garbage disposal unit, you should waste no time. Our crews can examine the unit to see where the leak comes from and what causes it.

They also have the right tools and equipment to ensure that the problem is addressed safely and correctly.


Over time, the garbage disposal unit can experience jamming that can lead to overheating or worse, fire.

Don’t let things go this far. Immediately contact us so we can send our best plumbers to inspect and repair the unit. This way, we could help avoid any adverse results and get your garbage disposal unit up and running perfectly again.

Grinding sound

If you can hear a metal on metal sound coming from the garbage disposal, you should call us at once. When internal metal components are grinding against each other, it’s usually indicative of a huge problem that must be addressed immediately.

Our service crews are experienced and trained to handle such an issue so you can have peace of mind.

Bogging down

If the garbage disposal unit suddenly won’t work anymore, it’s almost a certain indication of a major problem. In this situation, a plumber has to be called in to check the unit ASAP before things get ugly.

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If you are looking for affordable garbage disposal services related to repair, replacement, maintenance, or installation, call us at So Cal Services.

We are the go-to place for Southern California clients like you who can’t help but say, “Is there a reliable garbage disposal repair near me?” We can guarantee outstanding workmanship, dedication to the task, and competitive rates.

Call us soon at 951-926-1978 for any plumbing and heating, air conditioning, and ventilation needs that you have.

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