I Need a Plumber

I Need a Plumber – Advantages of Working with So Cal Services

There are a lot of plumbing companies that offer plumbing help. Some are good and some are bad. But how do you differentiate each of them?

Choosing the right plumbing service is one of the hardest choices because you will have to entrust them with your home and your money. Additionally a single mistake could lead to a bigger mess.

So Cal Services is not just a good plumbing company, we are the best.

Why We Are The Best

Provides only the Best; Service, Products, Technicians

We at So Cal Services provide only the best plumbers to resolve your plumbing problem. We are equipped with the latest equipment and tools ensuring you that the problem will be resolved as efficiently as possible.

We also provide amazing customer service. Through our hotline we can discuss your problem, possible solutions, and the costs so that we can come up with a plan in providing our service to you. You can also ask questions regarding our plumbing service at any time. Everything is out in the open - we never charge overtime or add-on fees either.

Our products are of top quality and have a 100% guaranteed warranty.

We Ensure Your Safety Around the Clock

To ensure you that you are safe even in the middle of the night our emergency hotline is open for you 24/7. With one quick call we will immediately respond to your plumbing needs.

Provides Top Quality Products and Plumbing Parts

We at So Cal Services are not just good in manual plumbing. We also sell and offer installation for those in need of appliances like garbage disposal units, air conditioning systems, water heaters, and more. All of these are handled and managed only by our best staff and backed by a 100% warranty.

Honest Quotes

We at So Cal Services are true to our word. We always establish a deadline to our work. If there are any rare complications that require our work to be extended we do not charge any overtime. We do not request additional fees either.

If you are in need of an appliance or plumbing parts, we offer only the best top quality products.  We do not sell you products that you don’t necessarily need just to take advantage of you in an emergency situation.

We Offer a Full Range of Plumbing Services

There are a lot of different types of plumbing issues. There might be leaking in your appliance, pipes or water hose, or you might need a new water heater or air conditioning system.

We at So Cal Services offer a variety of services from repair, to new appliance installation to maintenance. All of these are handled only by our professional certified technicians and plumbers ensuring you good service with top quality products.

Some of the services we offer include:

  1. Air conditioning repairs, installation or maintenance.

  2. Heating repairs, installation or maintenance.

  3. Water filtration or heaters

  4. Leak detection and repair

  5. Garbage disposal System

  6. Hydro Jetting

  7. Pipe repair or maintenance

I Need a Plumber – Detecting Leaks

Before immediately requesting a plumbing company to check if there are leaks in your home it is possible to do the checking first on your own. This saves you money and time and allows you to more accurately describe the polm when calling us.

Yet, sometimes  it is really hard to detect leaks especially when they are not in easily visible areas.  But there is a trick that allows you to check if you have a home water leak.

Using your water meter, just check readings to compare and see if it is abnormally different from your past readings.

Here is the procedure:

First, measure your water reading, then wait for 2 hours and take another water reading. Deduct the 1st reading from your 2nd reading. This will serve as the basis of your entire water consumption within the span of 2 hours.

Second step is to turn off all water appliances and water supplies for 2 hours and then read the water meter again. Deduct the 2nd reading from your 3rd reading then compare the results. If there is a ratio of at least 1:4 between the results then there is definitely a leak.

There are also visible leaks that you might be able to observe, though be aware that some leaks may start at one location, then flow along a ledge or channel for a distance before they drain down and become visible.

In walls, you will know that there is leaking if the walls have a slight discoloration.  It usually appears as an off-white or yellow stain.

Another hint in finding leaks is strange odors. Microorganisms or molds usually grow in wet places. These places will then start to produce molds or culture microorganisms causing a musty smell in the air.

Leaks are also visible in ceilings. You will start to notice when the ceiling starts to sag or the walls create a sudden bulge. If not resolved quickly your ceiling might suddenly collapse and release loads of accumulated water.

Repairing Water Leaks

It is better to call a professional if water leaks are visible.  Forcing yourself to resolve such plumbing issues might result in a much bigger mess.

So Why Should You Contact A Professional Plumber?

Professional plumbers spend their lives finding, diagnosing and repairing plumbing issues with years of experience. Not only can they reduce the damage to your home they also provide a plan that will prolong your plumbing.

We at So Cal Services provide these plumbing services including repair, maintenance and installation.  We also have plans and equipment that pinpoint your plumbing issues and resolve  them quickly and efficiently.

We are open 24/7 for any questions and emergencies regarding plumbing. If you need more information about us then don’t hesitate to call us at 951-926-1978.

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