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Plumbing Help – Advantages of Working with So Cal Services

Choosing the right plumbing service is difficult. You have to consider a lot of factors as well as do a few background checks to verify that they are good in what they are doing. And then, usually you are in a hurry because most plumbing problems come at the worst times.

And while looking for a reliable plumber, you also have to consider the time as an unresolved plumbing problem could elevate in each passing moment.

Well there is no need to look further. Call So Cal Services. We are a reliable and honest company who treats you with respect and your home or business as if it were our own.

Bottom line, we fix only the issue at hand, never trying to sell you unneeded products, new appliances, nor unnecessary services.  There are no overtime charges, special emergency charges, nor add-on fees.

More On Why Choose Us

Certified Plumbing Company

All of our staff is well trained, certified,  and experienced when it comes to plumbing. Not only are we skilled in planning and resolving a plumbing issue we are also equipped with the latest equipment and tools that pinpoint any leaks within a small amount of time.

We also offer amazing customer service.  We will answer all your questions regarding our plumbing services and costs and alternatives and options.

Our good business track record is proven by or customer 5 star reviews.

Futhr we stand behind ur work, offering 100% warranty on parts and services.  What more could you want?

24/7 Response and Service

We have established a good relationship and trust with our customers by providing them safety 24/7.  Our hotline is open day and night to answer calls and request needed immediate services.

Top Quality Appliances and Plumbing Parts

Some plumbing problems can be resolved without requesting a plumbing service. Problems like a faulty faucet, a broken hose or a loosely screwed appliance.

However, So Cal Services provides plumbing parts that have 100% warranty. These plumbing parts are of high quality and proven to last.

If you need garbage disposal units,a new water heater or an air conditioning system we also offer top quality appliances, giving you choices to fit your budget, but all still with a 100% warranty.

All of these are handled and managed by our professional staff to ensure you that everything is top quality.

No Overtime or Additional Fees

We at So Cal Services are reliable and honest when we give cost estimates and repair timelines.  We finish every request we take within the given time without overtime.  In rare cases if the service takes a bit longer than it should we do not ask for any additional fee.

Further, we never offer products and services that you don’t need. We always take into account your budget so that we can still give you the best plumbing service that you need at the right price, in an honest and affordable manner.

Services We Offer

Plumbing issues differ from household to household. Thus we are continuously improving both the services we offer as well as the equipment we use. This is to resolve any plumbing problems efficiently with minimum time and cost to you.

These services are handled by certified professionals trained and honed in the latest plumbing techniques and technology.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Air conditioning repairs, installation or maintenance.

  • Heating repairs, installation or maintenance.

  • Water filtration or heaters; repair and installation

  • Leak detection and repair

  • Garbage disposal System repair and installation

  • Hydro Jetting

  • Pipe repair or maintenance

Plumbing Help –Watch Out For Mold and Fungal Growth

Unresolved water leaks from appliances or pipes can cause home damage. Within a given time, if not fixed, they might even burst and create a bigger mess that could cost you more money.

There is also another problem in small water leaks. That is mold and fungal growth.

Mold and fungal growth usually appear around water leaks especially pipes that are running inside your walls and underground. It will start to mix with your water while constantly growing inside the pipes or leaks.

These molds, if ingested, can cause throat irritation and if contacted directly can cause skin irritation. These fungi can also release spores that pollute the air.

Depending on a person’s immune system, mold spores can be deadly, especially for children. Contact through air can cause nasal congestion, difficulty in breathing, coughing and sneezing. There is also a possibility of molds growing inside a person especially those with immune complications and health issues.

It is already hard to detect plumbing issues alone, but how do you know if there are already molds growing around your home?

The simplest way would be to check the water you are using. Compare clean distilled water to your tap water and check if they differ in color.

To solve this issue the most logical step would be to start looking for the root of this problem and that is moisture. This moisture is usually caused by home water leaks.

Now how do you detect leaks? Here is a simple procedure.

Use your water meter to check for leaks. First, take first a meter reading, then turn off all water supply lines and do not use water for 1 or 2 hours; then take a second meter reading. If the reading has a weird change then there is a big possibility that you have a leak.

Some leaks are visible if they are around appliances or faucets and some are harder to detect since they are embedded inside your walls or underground like around pipes. We do not advise resolving these unseen plumbing issues on your own. Contact us immediately for your own safety.

The easiest way to ensure that the water you are using is safe is to install a water filtration unit. We know that it is hard to spend money on an appliance like this, but it is better than to gamble with your health on unsafe water.

We at So Cal Services provide installation of water filtration units. These units are of top quality with 100% warranty.

If you think you have a plumbing problem feel free to contact us. We are open 24/7 to provide maintenance, repairs and installation. Call us today. 951-926-1978

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