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Top Rated Plumber – Advantages Of Working With So Cal Services

So Cal Services is the top rated plumber in the area.  Proven with our 5 star client testimonials, we provide the best quality range of services that are affordable and honest. We guarantee 100% client satisfaction.

Why Rely On So Cal Services For Your Plumbing Needs?

Fast Response and Efficient Work

Delivering a fast response to your call, we provide only the best certified and trained specialist for your problem.

With the latest technology and equipment, our professional plumbers will solve your problems effectively and with accuracy.

High Quality Services

So Cal Services offer a full range of high quality services from installation, maintenance and repairs. With our highly trained technicians, we will fix any of your plumbing issues, may it be a ventilation system problem, pipe or leaks, or dishwasher issues.

We also offer assistance with the following:

  • Installation, maintenance  repair for air conditioning and water heating systems

  • Water heater repair, maintenance, and installation

  • Leak detection and leak repair

  • Garbage disposal installation and repair

  • Hydro Jetting

  • Repair and maintenance for pipes

In line with the latest technology, we only provide the best and most accurate solution to your plumbing issues for 100% client satisfaction – best quality products, equipment, and services. You are also guaranteed a full warranty.  Further we promise to never sell you a part or service you do not need.

Sophisticated Equipment

With the help of our sophisticated equipment, your issues will be solved in the most accurate and efficient way.  Problems with leaks will be solved in no time!

Trustworthy, Sincere and Organized

Some companies and contractors benefit a lot from customers that have no knowledge of plumbing and they also make a lot of money by exaggerating the problem at hand.

With organized and skilled technicians, So Cal Services will fix your problem within the given time period.  No additional fees, overtime, or unnecessary equipment will ever be added to your charges.

On call 24/7

We Offer On call service 24/7.  Any plumbing problem that arises at the middle of the night; don’t be afraid to call us. We respond immediately.

Top Rated Plumber – Top Rated Plumbing Service

We at So Cal Services offer top rated plumbing services.  From our trained and highly skilled staff to our sophisticated equipment we solve your problem efficiently and professionally.

Why So Cal Services is the Top Rated Plumbing Service

Ratings and Feedback

Our top quality service is proven by our high ratings and positive feedback from our previous customers.  Check out our reviews.  We always offer stellar customer service that goes above and beyond expectations; we listen to you and discuss the problem and the solution so you feel well-informed and so that we can solve the plumbing problem efficiently.

No Extra Fees

No extra charges, no add ons and no extensions. So Cal Services only offers the best possible solutions. Our plumbers work efficiently and professionally to meet your deadlines. We do not force you to buy equipment or parts or services you don’t even need.

Top Quality Technicians and Parts

All So Cal Services technicians are certified and trained, equipped with the latest technology and equipment to solve your problem. We also only offer the best high quality plumbing parts.

Top Rated Plumber - Plumbing Services Offered

Garbage Disposal

So Cal Services can install, maintain or repair your garbage disposal.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a method of using a blast of high pressured water to clear away blockages that form in your plumbing.

Detection of Leaks

Sometimes plumbing problems can be invisible and be detected only when your water bill increases in an abnormal way. With the use of our latest equipment, we can locate any possible leaks in your plumbing in the most systematic and organized way.

Water Filtration System

Water filtration systems are equipment used to refine water that goes through your pipes into your faucets. We install several kinds of water filtration systems. And we service them. To guarantee longevity of your equipment proper maintenance is necessary.

Need a water filtration system? Call So Cal Services, and we will explain your options and the pros and cons, and answer any questions u may have.

Water Heaters

We rely on our water heaters, and most often, take them for granted. These are the signs that indicate that your water heater needs repair or  maintenance:

  • Any possible leaking in your water heater that causes wet areas in or around your water heater

  • Rusty and/or cold water from your hot water faucet due to deterioration of your unit

  • Any unusual sound coming from your water heater - I know this seems odd, but water heaters tend to moan and groan or clunk when there is a problem.

In need of a water heater check up?  Contact So Cal Services for repair, servicing, and installation of new quality water heaters

Repair and Replacement of Pipes

It is a very good idea to contact a skilled plumber, in case of the following scenarios:

  • Pipe corrosion due to age or substances passing through them.

  • Leaking of pipes that may cause water impurities.

  • Breaking down of pipes due to high pressure.

So Cal Services offers pipe repair and replacement services.  With our best equipment and tools we assure you that your pipes will last longer and give you maximum.  and of course, we also provide repiping services as well.

Having a hard time with your plumbing?  Reach out to us and will provide you with the best possible top rated plumbing service!

Open 24/7. 951-926-1978

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