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Best Murrieta A/C Repair

So Cal Services: Providing the Best Murrieta A/C  Repair




Are you looking for the best Murrieta A/C Repair?  In Southern California, an air conditioner is a necessity, not a luxury.  When your A/C breaks down during one of those scorching, sunny days, call the best Murrieta A/C repair company for quick, reliable service.

So Cal Services specializes in repair, replacement, and installation of air conditioning for residences and office/commercial spaces.

Why do people like us?

At So Cal Services, your full satisfaction is our priority. We take pride in the work we do, and if you are not 100% satisfied, we have not done our job well.

As a local, family-owned-and-operated company, our reputation is very important to us.  We are committed to upholding this reputation by ensuring that each job we do is given the same careful attention by our technicians.

Here are just a few reasons why people choose us to provide the best Murrieta A/C repair:

Experts in Their Field. Our technicians are the best in their field. They are certified to the highest standard in their trade and continue to hone their craft through continuous training and study to keep current with the latest technology.

Each job we do is guaranteed to follow the highest safety standard and complies with all state, federal, and local codes.

Affordable Pricing.  So Cal Services makes sure that there is something to fit every customer’s need and budget.

We carry a wide range of air conditioning brands sourced from many manufacturers throughout the industry, so we are able to provide our clients with what they require at the best price and quality.

No Hard Sell.  We do not sell you repairs or equipment that you do not need. For instance, we do not convince you to purchase a new air conditioner, if a replacement part is all that is needed.

High Quality Parts. We carry high quality parts that come with a full warranty, including service and labor, so you can be sure that they are built to last.

State of the Art Equipment. High quality equipment helps our technicians serve you better and faster. You can be sure we will diagnose your problem and provide you with the best possible solution.

Honest Quotes, Honest Timelines.  This is the reason why we are a highly trusted company in the Murrieta area. We maintain a high degree of integrity when dealing with our customers.

  • You Pay Exactly What We Quoted. No added fees, no additional overtime charges, NO SURPRISES.

  • Realistic Timelines. Because our technicians know exactly what needs to be done, they give realistic deadlines and stick to their schedules. Other companies may promise to finish quicker but will usually fail to deliver, or worse, deliver botched work.


However, rest assured that we exert best effort to work quickly without sacrificing quality of work.


Our Air Conditioning Repair Service


If you are in need of repair, replacement, or installation services for your air conditioner, our highly skilled technicians will have the best solution for you. Be it a simple part replacement or an installation of a new unit, you can rest assured that it will be given the same amount of meticulous attention and craftsmanship.


Prevention is still your best guard against major issues with your air conditioner. Here are some tips on keeping your unit running efficiently:

Keep Filters Clean. This is an easy fix that you can do yourself regularly. Doing this will ensure efficiency and extend the lifespan of your A/C. Dirt and debris that clog the filter make your unit work harder.

Keep the area around the unit clear. The idea is to keep airflow free. Objects that block airflow, such as foliage and other objects affect how efficiently your A/C works.

If your air conditioner is located near plants or shrubs, consider cutting some back to have a 2 foot leeway around the unit.

Set the temperature correctly. Experts say that the ideal temperature setting for a central air conditioner is at 78° F.

You can also help your unit along by using ceiling fans set at the lowest setting to help circulate cold air throughout your home. This allows you to keep the thermostat at a higher setting while at the same time put less stress on your A/C.

Adjust the fan setting. Central A/C units have two fan settings – ON and AUTO. You can run you A/C more efficiently by choosing the AUTO setting, which turns the fans on and off at intervals. The ON setting means that the fan will blow continuously while your unit is switched on.

Shut the doors. If there are any rooms in the home that are not being used, you can save energy simply by shutting the vents and doors leading to those rooms.

Schedule Regular Maintenance. Yearly maintenance is recommended. A trained HVAC technician will ensure that all parts are sufficiently lubricated and make adjustment that help increase the efficiency of your A/C system.

More importantly, regular scheduled maintenance means any issues are caught early and you are able to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Call the best Murrieta A/C repair company, So Cal Services, for your maintenance service needs.

Ask about our Kool Klub Service Agreement. When you sign up for this, we keep track of schedules and provide regularly scheduled preventive maintenance visits.

Plus you get priority in scheduling AND an additional 10% discount for parts and services.

So Cal Services has a full range of Residential and Commercial A/C services that include:

  • Repairs, installation, or replacement

  • A/C relocation

  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics

  • Air Conditioning Systems for both residential and commercial use, including central A/C and complete and mini split systems

  • Commercial tenant improvement projects


We carry a wide range of makes and models so we are able provide our customers with a wide variety of choices. We are sure to have a package that fits your budget and meets your needs perfectly.

And remember, we will never push you to buy a new A/C if yours can be repaired. Our skilled technicians will diagnose your problem and recommend a solution that is best for you.

You can rest assured that your unit will be fixed with quality replacement parts and a full warranty on service and labor.


For the Best Murrieta A/C Repair – Call Us Today


So Cal Services specializes in repair, installation, and replacement of air conditioning units. When the weather is hot, hot, hot and your A/C suddenly refuses to cooperate, call us for fast relief at 951-926-1978.


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