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Informative Articles and Plumbing Help

water heater replacement

The average person uses varying amounts of warm water up to 20 times a day, 140 times a week, putting the demand on our water heaters into perspective.   

You might say, your water heater is your closest friend.  It provides you warm water to keep your body washed, your dishes clean, and grants you peace of mind knowing you’re secure when the temperature outside drops. Read More.

toilet clog causes

The toilet is one among the most commonly used fixtures in anybody’s home which implies that if it’s clogged, it can be the end of the world—with a terribly unpleasant cleanup.


Getting a hold on why the toilet acts up can assist in the prevention of future blockage and keeps the plunger wherever it belongs: far from the toilet.


Watch out for these 6 common toilet clog causes! Read more.

Help My Ceiling Leaks

Has this ever been you – or is it you now – Help – My Ceiling Leaks!  


Repairing ceiling water damage, whether it is from a broken pipe, an old roof, or heavy rains is very important for the overall upkeep of your home.  

If it is left unaddressed, aside from being an eyesore, a water damaged ceiling will result in a weakened structure and mold. Read More.

water softeners and filtration systems

It’s a common mistake for people to interchange the terms “water softener” and “water filtration system”.  


After all, the end goal of both of these systems is to deliver a better a quality of water. However, there is a huge difference between the two, but what is it?

Read More.

water heater reset button tripping

Is your water heater reset button tripping frequently? Here is what it means and what you can do about it.  But first, let’s look at how your water heater works.

To understand your water heater reset button, we need to look at the way your water heater works, which is quite simple.

Read More.

Plumbing Home Inspection

Most likely your home will be the biggest investment you will ever make and the plumbing is a significant part of that investment.


Anyone purchasing a home (new or older) should arrange for a plumbing inspection before making the decision to buy.

Read More.

How to Avoid Costly Plumbing Repairs

We’ve all been there. One moment, everything in your house is working fine, the next, a pipe has burst below the sink and your bathroom is flooded.


You turn off the water to your house, call your local plumber, and proceed to pick your jaw off the floor when you hear the cost to repair. Plumbing can be very expensive!

Read More.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumber

It’s Monday afternoon and the kids are getting ready for school when you notice the kitchen sink is leaking.


If this goes on much longer, your cabinets are going to get soaked and innumerable issues could arise.


And to top it off, your offspring has water polo practice he just can’t be late for. Read More.

Tankless vs Standarad Water Heaters

So you had a rough day at work. Rude customers, an overbearing boss, and somebody dropped a whole bottle of cooking oil in the break room and YOU had to clean it up.


When you get home, you decide you need a bath to relax, so you go to your tub and turn on the hot water. But it’s not hot yet, so you wait. And wait. And wait.

Read More.

How Pets Can Impact Your Air Conditioner

Cats and dogs are amazing, therapeutic in some cases. Everyone who owns a fluffy love bug knows the horrors of shedding and bad behavior.


Unless you own a poodle or a Sphynx, shedding is inevitable, and that hair can wreak havoc on your air conditioning unit.

Read More.


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