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high water bill reasons

Water is one of the most used resources in the world, and almost every household uses it as a major utility.  Unfortunately, a huge percentage of water used is actually water lost through leaks and faulty systems. 

According to the EPA, about 10 percent of households waste roughly 90 gallons of water on leaks alone every single day.

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Cats and dogs are amazing, therapeutic in some cases. Everyone who owns a fluffy love bug knows the horrors of shedding and bad behavior.


Unless you own a poodle or a Sphynx, shedding is inevitable, and that hair can wreak havoc on your air conditioning unit.

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Air Conditioner Broken

You wake up in a fiery of sweat and you’re not sure why. Was it a bad dream?


Are you getting sick?


Or, maybe it’s because the summer heat has set in and your air conditioner won’t turn on during the hottest time of the year.


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Top Reasons You May Need a New Air Conditioner

If your air conditioning system is no longer keeping its cool during the summer, experiencing frequent repairs, causing high electric bills, having inconsistent temperatures, running too much, or is just getting near the end of its life, chances are you’re in need of a new air conditioner (AC).

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the importance of an air conditioning tune-up

When you live in Southern California, high-quality performance from your air conditioner is a necessity, not a luxury.


Scheduling routine tune-up’s with a professional air conditioning service company will ensure your AC unit is in proper working order. Read More.

How a Water Heater Works in Winter

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Tankless vs Standarad Water Heaters

So you had a rough day at work. Rude customers, an overbearing boss, and somebody dropped a whole bottle of cooking oil in the break room and YOU had to clean it up.


When you get home, you decide you need a bath to relax, so you go to your tub and turn on the hot water. But it’s not hot yet, so you wait. And wait. And wait.

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how to clean roof drain gutters

Cleaning your roof drain should be part of the regular maintenance of your property to avoid damages that could cost you a fortune. 


Understanding the causes of roof drain clogs and how you can clean out your roof drain, and actually doing it on a yearly basis at a minimum, will go a long way towards keeping disasters to a minimum.  Results? You save money.

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home water leaks

Home water leaks can cause water damage almost anywhere in your home.  Leaks are also a significant source of water waste for many households.  Some leaks are obvious, such as dripping faucets, dishwasher leaks, and leaking water heaters. Unfortunately, many leaks go undetected for years because the source of the leak is not visible.

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rainy season prep tips

They say that those who fail to prepare are preparing to fail. This is true in many ways, such as in the case of your home’s plumbing and outdoor spaces. 

The rainy season can be unforgiving.  We see the proof of this on the news channels and, unfortunately, sometimes in our own homes.

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