12 Perfect DIY Plumbing Tools

Give the Holiday Gift of Perfect Tools - 12 Perfect DIY Plumbing Tools To Buy For Your Honey This Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching, and so is all that stress of finding a gift that is just right. Luckily, we might have just the answer for you.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a husband, partner, dad, uncle, or friend who loves doing DIY home repairs, then we have the perfect list for you. Consider giving him DIY plumbing tools this year to make his DIY life that much easier.

Here are 12 of the perfect DIY plumbing tools to buy for your honey this coming holiday:

12 Perfect DIY Plumbing Tools - Water Pump Pliers

These pliers are a must-have in any DIY plumber’s toolbox. They are also called tongue and groove pliers and feature a long handle and adjustable jaws that lock in place in a snap.

These pliers are highly versatile.As they have different opening sizes, they can handle loosening and tightening most pipe sizes.

They also provide a strong and stable grip that makes them almost obligatory to have for any DIY-savvy guy. We suggest getting two of these: the 10-inch one and a 12-incher.

12 Perfect DIY Plumbing Tools - Flange Plunger

Say goodbye to toilet clogs by having a flange plunger on hand. Unlike the traditional plunger that can be ineffective in some cases, flange plungers are better suited for clogs since they’re shaped to perform the task more effectively.

12 Perfect DIY Plumbing Tools - Sink Auger

Drains often get clogged, so it makes sense to always have something to clear them up. A sink auger is an indispensable little tool that can’t fail to satisfy your loved one.

It looks and works a bit like a rotating snake that can clear most types of small things that get lodged inside drains. Don’t forget to put this nifty helpful item on your gift list!

12 Perfect DIY Plumbing Tools - Pipe Wrench

The pipe wrench is yet another mainstay in most DIY and professional plumbers’ arsenals. Pipe wrenches are perfect for iron and galvanized steel pipes as well as rounded fittings.

You may choose between the expensive cast iron wrenches and the affordable aluminium wrenches. Get two of these for best results (one for adjusting and one for stabilizing).

12 Perfect DIY Plumbing Tools - Basin Wrench

There are a handful of hard to reach areas in a home, such as the sink faucet, which makes doing some DIY plumbing quite a tall order.

The basin wrench solves this problem with its long shaft and a swivelling jaw that can conveniently reach the narrow area behind your sink. This nifty tool can adjust the nut as desired to achieve a perfect fit – something that no other DIY tool can perform.

12 Perfect DIY Plumbing Tools - Hacksaw

It’s sometimes necessary to do away with rusted screws and cut through pipes to replace them. These tasks are made easier by using the perfect tool for the job, the hacksaw.

This hand-held tool is super cheap and easily sourced, so it’s a no brainer to buy one for your DIY guy this season.

12 Perfect DIY Plumbing Tools - Strap Wrench

You can never have too many wrenches, especially when considering that plumbing problems come in many forms.

Make sure to add a strap wrench to your gift list. It can be a lifesaver. This wrench can be used to loosen or tighten things without causing undue damage to the finish, thus protecting its appearance while getting the job done.

The strap is made of polyester or rubber, so it’s perfect for delicate pipes or faucets.

12 Perfect DIY Plumbing Tools - Tube/Pipe Cutter

DIY and professional plumbers use pipe or tube cutters to cut without leaving jagged edges.

You have three options to choose from:

  • the C-shape cutter for up to 1-inch pipe

  • the ratcheted cutter for CPVC and hard PVC

  • the scissors type for PEX and soft PVC

12 Perfect DIY Plumbing Tools - Metal File

Those on a shoestring budget should be glad to know that there is a cheap alternative to a pipe or tube cutter – a handy metal file. What this small plumbing tool does is allow the user to smooth the edges of metal pipes where a cut has been made.

So, if you’re concerned about a jagged edge post-cutting, then this is easily a good option. You should probably get two types to cover bigger grounds: a rat-tail file costing around $8 and a half-round file that goes for around $10-20.

12 Perfect DIY Plumbing Tools - Propane Torch

There are cases when DIY plumbers have to sweat copper fittings and pipes, which requires using a torch. A propane torch is a must-buy tool for the mentioned purpose. It can be easily lit using a match or by squeezing a trigger with an attached self-igniting head.

12 Perfect DIY Plumbing Tools - Water Pressure Testing Gauge

This is one tool that every DIY plumber and homeowner must have. The gauge helps the owner of the home check the water pressure at any given time to immediately see if there’s something wrong.

12 Perfect DIY Plumbing Tools - Shop Vac

Who says vacuums are only for carpets? A shop vac can easily deal with overflowing faucets and remove food particles, hair, or other small items from the drains.

A shop vac is regarded as a great alternative to drain cleaning chemicals, so it’s a perfect thing to consider buying for that DIY-savvy person this year.

Even With a Holiday Gift of Perfect Tools, You Might Need A Professional Plumber

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