Avoid Holiday Plumbing Problems

How To Avoid Holiday Plumbing Problems

We never want to think about it, but how to avoid holiday plumbing problems is something we should be cosidering, unfortunately.  Whether you are having people over for the holidays or not, the holidays are never the right time for a plumbing “hiccup”.

Even something as small a a toilet clog or a kitchen sink clog can become a disaster if it occurs at the wrong time.  Luckily, a few good preparation tricks are all you need to help you avoid holiday plumbing problems.

You certainly don’t want to be associated with “The Year the Toilet Clogged”, so to help you through the season, we’ve compiled a short list of the preparations to help you avoid a holiday plumbing disaster.

Avoid Holiday Plumbing Problems - Fix Any Existing Problems

It doesn’t take a degree to know when basic issues need to be fixed. If your toilet is leaking or your drain is clogged, fix it!

These obvious plumbing problems can be easily overlooked when you live with them every day, but can also spell disaster when put under pressure by your entire family. Fixing them before the holidays might just save you a messy get-together.

If you can easily fix it yourself, do it. If you are not confident, always seek help from experts. A year-round commitment to immediately fix problems at hand and proper maintenance is the best way to avoid holiday plumbing problems.

Avoid Holiday Plumbing Problems - Conduct Pre-Holiday Inspections

Some plumbing problems are not obvious and require inspection. To be fully confident you have no lingering problems, it’s always best to seek an expert’s advice. To avoid holiday plumbing problems, a thorough assessment of the plumbing system is a must.

If you want a worry-free holiday celebration in your home, especially if you’re hosting a gathering, have your plumbing checked by a professional. You might be surprised by the damage even small clogs or leaks can cause under the strain of dozens of users.

When there’s a higher than normal number of people in your place, it is more likely that existing plumbing problems can spiral out of control.

Avoid Holiday Plumbing Problems - Limit What You Allow to Go Down the Drain

Some people think that a sink strainer prevents any unwanted items from going down your drain. What the strainer does not prevent, however, is the draining of grease, fats, and oils, all of which are a frequent cause of clogging in the kitchen.

Grease, fats, and oils can solidify and clog your drain in no time. It’s best to keep them in a jar for disposal later on. Your garbage disposal can be a great food waste tool during the holidays as well, but it does have its limitations and you should keep in mind our previous holiday plumbing tip. 

Preparing a bussing station with proper labels can help you separate the dishes, trash, and food waste. This will help you finish washing the dishes right away and easily segregate food waste that can go down the drain, that which needs to go through garbage disposal, and that which should be disposed of later on.

If followed properly, this can minimize the chance of getting your drain clogged during the holidays.

Avoid Holiday Plumbing Problems - Provide for the Disposal of All Possible Wastes

One certain thing about holidays is its production of a lot of waste. Whether it be cigarette butts on the porch, wrapping and tissue paper, leftover food, napkins, and whatever else your guests need to dispose of, the number of guests you have is directly proportional to the bulk of waste.

Do yourself a favor and prepare trash bins that are accessible to guests, waste baskets by the toilet, and food disposal bins in the kitchen. If you lack these provisions you run the danger of ending up with a heavily-littered home and clogged plumbing after the holidays.

Though we expect guests to take the initiative to dispose of wastes properly, the reality is if it requires much effort from them, they’ll probably leave trash in various places around the house.

Providing waste baskets near the toilet is important for maintaining the integrity of your toilet’s plumbing. Waste baskets provide easy disposal of items such as wet wipes and tissues which guests might otherwise choose to flush.

Lastly, remember that garbage disposal is not a trash bin for food waste. You can’t throw everything into it. Bones, skin, fruits, and vegetables will surely clog your drain, and your garbage disposal has limited capacity in grinding food wastes. Provide an easily accessible bin for food waste to help your guests keep from overloading your disposal.

If you do end up with a clogged disposal, despite your best efforts, the safest option is to call in a reliable plumber. Garbage disposals can be dangerous. Your unfortunate plumbing problem doesn’t need to be exacerbated by a holiday trip to the emergency room.

Avoid Holiday Plumbing Problems - Let Your Guests Know

Your guests don’t know the ins and outs of your home. If you’re inviting people over for the holidays, it is best to let them know how you intend to keep your home free from plumbing problems during and after the holidays.

It doesn’t mean you have to make a loud announcement in the middle of the festivities, but a sign next to the toilet or sink can go a long way in stopping accidental misuse of your utilities. Signages and notices in strategic areas of your home can help quietly guide your guests on the best practices for your home.

Place reminders near any appliances or utilities that function best in an unanticipated way. Place labels on the bussing station so you don’t know have to explain and your guests won’t feel embarrassed about asking. If you separated your trash, put labels on the bins so guests know what goes where.

Proper communication with your guests will lessen the work during clean up and minimize the chance of plumbing problems after the holidays.

Have a Merry Christmas with So Cal Services

Preparing your home before the holidays is not just about decorations and setting the holiday atmosphere. It is also about the condition of your home before you invite people to share memories during the festive season.

So Cal Services can help you check off your repair and maintenance to-do list this year. We’re available for preventative maintenance checks as well as emergency plumbing services to help you have a very merry (and stress-free) holiday season.

Get in touch with us today for a free estimate or to book an appointment. We’re available by call at (951) 926-1978 or by text at (951) 662-4894.

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