How To Choose a New Kitchen Sink

Top Tricks on How To Choose a New Kitchen Sink

It should be a pretty simple question to answer: how to choose a new kitchen sink?

However, as easy a question as it may seem, there are a lot of things to consider before you find the perfect kitchen sink for your home or commercial establishment.

Whether your current sink is damaged, outdated, or you just want to gift your humble home with a spanking new sink, you should carefully weigh in on your choices before making your purchase.

But, just how do you know that you’ve found the perfect one – the one sink that would serve all your needs?

The professionals are here to help. Here are our top tricks on how to choose a new kitchen sink to fit all your needs.

How To Choose a New Kitchen Sink: Determine the Right Size

Do you need a fairly large sink so you can wash more dishes? Or, do you only need a medium one since you have a small kitchen counter and opting for a large sink would not work out?

Knowing just how small or big the size of the sink that you actually need is should help you narrow down your choices. Your eventual choice should satisfy your practical kitchen requirements and fit your available counter space perfectly.

How To Choose a New Kitchen Sink: Know Which Configuration You Need

Hand in hand with size determination is knowing which configuration will work best based on your actual kitchen needs. Do you need a sink with a single, deep basin? If so, then you’re most likely preparing large food quantities or washing big pans oftentimes.

Does a two-basin sink configuration appeal better instead? If you answered yes, then you probably are a multi-tasker and often clean your dishes and prepare your family’s meal for the day.

Be sure to align your choice of new sink configuration with your actual requirements in the kitchen.

How To Choose a New Kitchen Sink: Pick Your Style

Kitchen sinks come in different sizes, configurations, and styles. When it comes to styles, you should take equal care to pick the perfect one.

If you want to conveniently wipe down food particles on your countertop straight into the sink, an under mount type of kitchen sink would be ideal.

Drop in or top mount sinks, meanwhile, require no interior support to install. However, note that such a style of sink is notoriously hard to clean up.

How To Choose a New Kitchen Sink: Determine Your Budget

If you’re lucky enough to have money to burn, this isn’t a consideration for you. However, if you are working on a limited budget, this can be a thin line to walk. If you have a small amount of money for your planned purchase, be sure to buy a kitchen sink that is within your budget but still suits your practical and aesthetic requirements.

You don’t have to splurge on your purchase, just find a balance between your budget and actual sink requirements.

How To Choose a New Kitchen Sink: Pick Your Material

Just like styles, kitchen sinks are also available in several options in terms of material.

For example, stainless steel is one of the most common materials from which kitchen sinks are made. They come in different gauges or thickness and even have nifty features like corrosion resistance and sound absorption.

Vitreous china, another popular pick, was once only used in bathrooms but is now also a staple material for kitchen sinks as well.

Cast iron, on the other hand, is durable and comes in different colors. It is likewise preferred by many buyers since it has less vibration and noise, which are both great features in any kitchen sink.

You may also choose other materials such as natural stones, granite composite, and porcelain.

How To Choose a New Kitchen Sink: Choose Your Features

Most modern kitchen sinks are not just plain sinks – a lot of them come with extra features that make them highly sought-after.  Having said that, you should also consider what specific features you want to see in a kitchen sink.

To help you out, some nifty features that you might consider include a web divider, offset drain, and straight, steep sidewalls. Be sure to shop around or browse online first to narrow down your options in terms of such features.

How To Choose a New Kitchen Sink: Consider Your Existing Kitchen Design

You don’t want to buy a kitchen sink that will stand out like a sore thumb in your kitchen. Even a beautiful sink in the wrong location becomes aesthetically awkward or out of place.

This should be a pretty easy thing to avoid – just pick a sink with a style or design that complements your kitchen’s current design. You may ask some friends or family members to help you pick the kitchen sink option that best suits your kitchen aesthetics. This way, you can be sure to buy the sink that will look best in your kitchen.

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