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3 Easy Kitchen Upgrades

3 Easy Kitchen Upgrades That Won’t Break The Bank (Nor Your Relationship)


Thinking of upgrading your kitchen with a new kitchen sink and faucet?  It is probably the “easiest” way to achieve a new look in your kitchen. So Cal Services provides several plumbing fixture installations every week and the change a new faucet can make to your kitchen is amazing.

So, before you call the contractor in for a major kitchen re-do, and major inconvenience and stress as well, not to mention cost, consider these 3 smaller upgrades:

3 Easy Kitchen Upgrades:  1. A New Sink and Faucet

easy kitchen upgrades sink and faucet

Your kitchen sink gets a lot of use, and an outdated or banged up sink can really detract from the overall kitchen design.  Upgrading your sink to a new model can help ensure your kitchen stays both stylish and functional.

Replacement is easiest of course, if the new sink is the same size as the old one, so consider this option first.   If you want to go larger, you probably will need professional help to cut a larger hole in stone or metal countertops, and finish things off properly.

A new faucet can really change the look of your kitchen and make work in the kitchen easier too.  Modern models include the ability to turn the water on and off without actually touching the faucet, keeping things much cleaner and germ-free.  Hands-free convenience!

Additional faucet options include flexible high-pressure sprayers that have pull down capabilities to allow you to angle the spray just where you need it.

Another consideration is overall faucet height or the arc of the faucet.  Think about trying to get a large bowl or turkey roaster under the faucet and you’ll get the picture.  After all, if you are buying a new faucet, choose one that will get the job done and make things easy for you.

If you are thinking of a sink upgrade, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind to make the most of your sink upgrade.

easy kitchen upgrades kitchen sink


If your sink is currently installed below the counter, called an undermount sink, or its installed in any solid surface or tiled counter, your new sink will have to be the same length and width as your current model.

If your current sink drops into a laminate or other counter, however, you can increase your sink size, provided your sink base cabinet can handle it, because you can increase the size of the sink cutout.

If you plan to keep your sink the same size, measure the sink from its rim, regardless of whether it is under or above the counter. If your sink is going to be enlarged, measure the sink base cabinet from inside stile to inside stile and subtract 1 inch.

Choose your material

Sinks come in a wide range of materials from stainless steel to copper, granite, fire-clay porcelain and enameled cast iron.  Each has their advantages and disadvantages.

If you choose a metal sink, make sure it matches at least one other metal finish in the kitchen. When you choose a living finish like copper, or a stone sink like granite, know there is ongoing maintenance required to keep it looking its best.

Also understand that not all sinks can handle a garbage disposal; most stone, fire clay and some specialty metals cannot handle the weight or vibrations involved.  So do your research and just don’t go by “pretty looks”.

easy kitchen upgrades large kitchen sink

Plan your configuration

If you’re changing your sink, you may also want to change the way the sink functions. This may mean increasing the depth of the sink to hold larger pots and pans, or going from a single to a double bowl, or vice versa.

When you go shopping for the sink, bring along your largest pot or pan.  Make sure it can fit comfortably into the sink’s compartment or compartments.  If you aren’t on the tall side, make sure you will be able to reach the bottom of the sink if you opt for a deeper model.

Most kitchen counters measure 35 inches tall; a 10-inch drop to the sink’s bottom can be hard to reach for some people.


Because you use your sink on a daily basis, make sure your new sink is on site and ready to go when your plumber arrives to unhook the old one.  Installing a new sink means disconnecting the plumbing below it, and frequently disconnecting the faucet as well.

if you want a new faucet, now is the time to purchase and have it installed.  If your new sink is an undermount, you won’t be able to use it for at least 24 hours while the setting materials cure.

If your sink is being enlarged, or you’ve chosen an apron-front sink, be prepared for some construction debris as your counter or cabinets are modified.

3 Easy Kitchen Upgrades:  2. Install Low Voltage Track Lighting

easy kitchen upgrades kitchen lights

Every kitchen needs good lighting, so aa ood project is to use one of your weekends to install a low-voltage track lighting system to brighten dimly lit countertops.  The system we recommend is a little on the price side, but is one of the few that has a flexible track that you can easily customize to fit your kitchen.

In addition, its ceiling mount transformer mounts on an existing ceiling light box, eliminating the need to run additional wires.

The low-voltage halogen fixtures mount anywhere along the track and supply bright white light that’s easy to focus on any countertop.

The system is easy to install with basic tools, and you’ll be done in less than a day.

3 Easy Kitchen Upgrades:  3. Put In A Built-in Soap Dispenser

easy kitchen upgrades soap dispenser

Believe it or not, little touches like a soap dispenser are noticed in a kitchen.  It’s an item everyone uses, so it should be one that you love.

A soap dispenser in your sink is very helpful especially for the kids, since the kitchen sink is also a wash basin.  It is a place in our kitchen where we wash our hands and the food we eat.

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Now that you are excited about giving our kitchen a new look, give us a call for help choosing our new faucet and installing it and/or your new sink.  We are honest, affordable and offer 100% guarantee on our work. Call us today at 951-926-1978

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