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Find A Good Plumber

How To Find A Good Plumber


Finding the right plumber is important because usually, you only call the plumber when you have a problem – most likely one you need fixed pretty quickly.  And, in your “time of need” you don’t want to be scammed and you don’t want someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. You want someone honest and knowledgeable.

That being said, there are many skilled plumbers out there but what makes one the best?

Here are some of the characteristics you should look for in a good professional plumber:

A good plumber must have credentials:

You want to hire someone who knows what they are doing and can also educate you on matters you should be aware of including problem prevention tips, cost-saving tips, or maintenance information.

Plumbers are required to pass a licensing test giving you confidence that once they present a certificate it means they are skilled and certainly have knowledge about plumbing.  Ask for license proof.

find a good plumber credentials

A good plumber is a professional

A professional plumber respects your time and makes sure he’s worth the fee you pay. They will show up on time and will come prepared with the tools they need. They will communicate with you in a timely manner updating you with their work progress.

Along with this, a professional plumber knows how to protect your property to make sure he will not damage anything while working.  A professional will tidy up right after his work.

Complications in any plumbing job may require that new equipment be brought in.  A professional doesn’t make excuses and can always acquire what he needs in a timely fashion.  If he can’t, he is upfront with explanations.

A good plumber has a vast amount of experience

Experience is a key to every skilled individual; the more experience a plumber has, the more efficient they will be in analyzing a problem, and fixing it correctly the first time.  Find out how long your technician has been a plumber, and check to see if there are good reviews and ratings posted online for his services.


Ask how long he has been providing plumbing services in your specific local area.

A good plumber follows a specific timeline

The best people to work with are those who have goals.  In any profession, the target job completion time is important. Good plumbers will provide a clear estimate, not only for the price but also for the timeline.

A good plumber provides detailed and clear costing

The price provided should be clear and detailed, including not only the cost for materials but also for labor.  A good plumber should also be upfront about cost overruns and how he bills for any extra time or materials needed for your job.

Be sure you understand if there is a separate charge for diagnosis, particularly in the case you decide not to go forward with the repair.  Is the diagnosis fee waived if you do go forward with the repair?

All of this information should be provided even before the work starts.  That way there are no misunderstandings. If your plumber refuses to do this before beginning your repair, walk away quickly.


Also, if he tries to upsell you – or if he gives you a repair price, and you say it is too high, and then he offers to lower it, walk away again.  I had one plumber ask me “well, how much will you spend?” Really!

find a good plumber fair price

A good plumber is honest

The best professional under promises and over delivers. They are honest with pricing and with the progress.  His reputation is the most important thing for him. Obviously, this is hard to judge with someone new – that’s why it’s important to look at online ratings and reviews.

A good plumber is a problem-solver

One must be a good problem solver especially in this line of work.  There will certainly be unexpected delays and challenges. Good plumbers are able to assess the situation and provide a quick and appropriate solution to the problem.

A good plumber is open to communication

He doesn’t let the you wait to ask him about his work progress; he provides an open line of communication.  He does not hesitate to tell you what he needs and whenever an issue arises he immediately informs you and keeps you posted on what he has done to resolve it.

He offers options if available, and opinions if asked.  They are also willing to be corrected in the event they missed out on something.

A good plumber continues training and education

He continues to hone his skills by training and studying advancements in plumbing technology.  Ask our plumber what the last course he took was on and when it was.

A good plumber is reliable

You can rely on a good plumber. He will be available when you need him; if he has a prior appointment he will find time to fit you in his schedule.  He is easily contacted. He responds in a timely manner and doesn’t make you wait.

If he cannot get to you right away, he offers alternatives.

A good plumber prioritizes safety

A good plumber follows safety procedures at all times and does not sacrifice quality over time. He handles plumbing problems with safe practices and ensures everything is done properly.

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