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Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposals



The garbage disposal is among the most important appliances in your kitchen. Garbage disposals are a necessity, bringing convenience to everyone in the home. With all the stuff that gets put down the sink drain it is important to service them and replace when necessary. If you are need of a garbage disposal repair or replacement call So Cal Services and our technicians will repair or install a new one quickly.


Quick Fixes

There are several things that can cause your garbage disposal to not properly drain and to clog your sink, follow these tips for quick fixes.

If the garbage disposal needs cleaning or smells bad

First try cleaning out the disposer and waste line. Put ice cubes in the garbage disposal and fill it with water. Then turn on the disposal until the grinding stops. This should clear the disposal and lines and water should drain from your sink.

If the garbage disposal makes no noise when you turn it on

There is a red reset button on the very bottom of every garbage disposal. Once located press the red reset button and test the disposal for proper operation.

If the garbage disposal is not spinning

This means that the motor is not able to spin. The first thing to do is place a ¼ inch Allen wrench into the center hole on the bottom of the garbage disposal. (an Allen wrench should have come with the disposal). Turn the wrench in a clockwise motion until it spins freely.

The garbage disposal is spinning but still not draining

When this happens you need to call a plumber.


Proper Usage Of Your Garbage Disposal

Just like any other device if not properly used, you will not get the most out of the garbage disposal unit. So, how do you properly use your garbage disposal unit?

  • Make sure to dispose of your garbage regularly; this means grind and run the disposal until it is clear. This will avoid a pile-up of waste in the system. Every once in a while it helps as well to run the disposal even if you don’t actually have anything to grind. This maintains the cleanliness of the unit and ensures no leftover food will harden inside, potentially causing damage to the unit.

  • Do not put big chunks of hard waste such as big bones and fruit pits into the unit. It is best also to avoid fibrous food and tough-skinned vegetables that can damage your system’s motor and blades by wrapping around the blade. For proper use, slowly put in food waste, grinding small amounts at a time rather than pushing them all in at once.

  • Always run a stream of cool water, before, during, and after using the disposal. Using cold water, allows any oil or grease that escaped with food particles to solidify as they pass through the disposal, grind up, and avoid accumulating in the motor blades or chamber. Letting the water run will make sure all food wastes are flushed outside the pipes and will avoid the build-up of tiny food particles that can cause bacteria, bad odor, and rust in the pipes.

  • Once in a while, you might want to throw lemon, orange or lime rind into your disposal to keep it smelling fresh. Baking soda will also be helpful. Bleach, drain cleaners or chemicals are not recommended.


Are You in Need of a New Garbage Disposal?

So Cal Services provides top of the line garbage disposals. All models offer powerful, heavy-duty motors manufactured to specifications that help ensure high performance and longevity. So Cal Services makes installation fast, no matter what kind of garbage disposal we are replacing.