Health Issues Caused By Pipe Leaks

Health Issues Caused By Pipe Leaks

What Are The Health Issues You And Your Family May Experience Due To Pipe Leaks

The extent of pipe leak damage is detrimental not only to your finances but also in your health. How? The presence of molds and mildew due to undetected pipe leaks can aggravate respiratory and skin conditions such as asthma and allergies. Not to mention the nasty odor coming from raw sewage leaks.


Find out how to detect and fix pipe leaks and drain problems to avoid health issues by reading further.

What Is The Difference Between Mildew And Mold

Health Issues Caused By Pipe Leaks Mold

The terms “mildew” and “mold” are oftentimes mistakenly interchanged. Mildew, however, is the less severe form of mold in terms of its effects on humans. It is easily noticeable, brown or dirty white in color, and usually grows only on surfaces.

Mold growth, on the other hand, has a darker color, which can be a combination of black, dark green, or red. It can also penetrate deeper through walls and panelings and has an unpleasant smell.

What these two have in common is that both require a moist environment, air, a temperature of 41° to 104° Fahrenheit, and “food” such as dust.

What Causes Mildew And Mold Growth

 Health Issues Caused By Pipe Leaks Spray

When all the conditions mentioned above are met, there is a high chance for mildew and mold to develop. One common cause of high moisture levels inside a room is a pipe leak. Pipe leaks produce moisture, and when there is enough moisture, mold can produce spores in just a matter of hours.

Another cause of high levels of humidity inside a room is due to incomplete drying. This usually happens if the flooring material is made of concrete. Rain seeping through wall cracks and damaged roofs can also contribute to the growth of mildew and mold.

What Are The Damages And Illnesses Caused By Mildew And Mold Growth

Health Issues Caused By Pipe Leaks Termites

When mold develops in greater parts of the house, it can cause massive structural damage. It can penetrate through drywall, paneling, and wood unless your walls are made from non-porous materials.

Aside from wood rot, metal will also corrode, and the paint will peel off when moisture and molds are present. Pests are also attracted to moist environments as they can burrow in and eat the soft materials.

Other health risks due to mold exposure such as frequent sneezing, coughing, irritated skin, nose, and throat, infection in the lower and upper respiratory, eye irritation, fatigue, fever, and asthma attacks.

What Are The Damages And Illnesses Caused By Pipe Damage

Health Issues Caused By Pipe Leaks Man Coughing

Contaminated drinking water can also lead to illnesses caused by bacteria, parasites, and viruses such as hepatitis A, leptospirosis, E. Coli, encephalitis, and campylobacteriosis. This puts people with weak immune systems at greater risk and also increases the likelihood of acquiring pneumonia.

When exposed to toxic odors from sewage spills for a long period of time, it can cause headaches, stress, and anxiety in some people. Stagnant water can also attract pests such as mosquitoes and sewer flies.

How To Prevent The Health Issues Caused By Pipe Leaks drains

The only real solution when dealing with mold growth is to identify where the moisture is coming from and fix the source.

Check places frequented by mold growth

You should check out the usual places where mildew and mold are more likely to develop. They can be faucet leaks, leaks in the air conditioner or refrigerator, under the sink, and in your bathroom.

Proper room ventilation

If your home has high levels of humidity, make sure to ventilate regularly and use a humidifier if ventilating isn’t enough. Hang any damp clothing outdoors to dry and do the same for damp rags and mats.

Disinfect the floor affected by leaks from raw sewage
This type of leak emits a nasty odor and is harmful to your health when it gets inside your home. This happens through clogged toilets, septic tanks that are damaged, and backed-up sinks, tubs, and floor drains.

To prevent yourself and your family from the health risks brought by this type of leak, wear protective gear such as eye protection, rubber gloves, and rubber boots when cleaning spills. Call So Cal Services immediately in the case of severe leaks to prevent flooding.

Keep Your children and pets away from the contaminated area
Don’t allow your children to enter the contaminated area unless it’s been disinfected thoroughly.The same goes for your pets. Never allow them to play with spills from a leaking pipe.


If the drinking water is contaminated, use bottled water for brushing teeth, drinking, and cooking. Then call a professional plumber.

Know the different types of pipe leaks
There are different types of pipe leaks, and not all of them are visible due to their location. The extent and effects of the leak damage also vary according to the different types of pipes used.


Old, leaky pipes, for instance, can introduce lead into your drinking water, which is toxic to you and your family’s health in the long run. Pipe leaks located underground can easily go unnoticed until you see a significant increase in the water bill.

Call for professional help
The surest way of preventing mold from developing in your home is the early detection of pipe leaks. As soon as the leaky pipes are repaired, the less damage can be caused by mold growth. There are some leaks that are easy to detect, but oftentimes they require professional help.

For More Info About the Health Issues Caused by Pipe Leaks, Call So Cal Services

If you have or suspect a pipe leak, call So Cal Services immediately to prevent health issues caused by pipe leak. We strongly recommend calling if you and your family are experiencing any of the health symptoms mentioned above, even if there are no visible signs of mildew or mold growth.

When called, we will conduct a thorough inspection of the pipes in your home to ensure they are functioning well, then address any presence of mildew or mold development.

We also suggest having the pipes regularly checked once every two years even if it’s a new home. If you have old pipes installed at home, pipe inspection should be done more frequently. The same applies if you are moving into a new house and if your property is surrounded by mature trees.

For questions or to schedule a consultation, call So Cal Services today at (951) 926-1978.

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