effects of high water pressure

Effects Of High Water Pressure

We all know low water pressure is a problem, interrupting your daily activities such as showering, cooking, and washing dishes, but did you know high water pressure has its consequences also?It might come as a surprise to hear that your shower habits have consequences further than just wasting water. You may also be practicing bad shower habits that could be dangerous to your plumbing and even your health!


The ideal water pressure for your home plumbing system ranges from 45 to 55 pounds per square inch (psi). To avoid the negative effects, the maximum water pressure you should be seeing in your home is 60 psi. 

Keeping your water pressure in check can help you avoid the annoying and costly fixes that are sure to come otherwise.

By now you might be worrying that you’ve been overlooking an important issue in your household. Not to worry, we’ve compiled a description of the indicators and fixes for high water pressure problems, so you can put your mind at ease.

Here is a list of the damages that high water pressure can cause in your home and what you can avoid by including water pressure maintenance as a part of your home routine: 

High water pressure may feel good during a long, hot shower, however, that fleeting pleasure can bring with it more consequences than you expect. That enjoyable shower might not seem so satisfying on the back end.

High water pressure has the potential to cause:

1.   Leaks That Could Lead to Water Damage

Effects Of High Water Pressure Leaky Pipe

High water pressure erodes pipes. Weaker pipes develop leaks. These leaks can happen anywhere throughout your property.

As much as high water pressure is the major cause of leaks, leaks are the most common cause of water damage in homes and businesses. Leaks themselves can be costly to repair, depending on the location. Unaddressed leaks can further lead to water damage and costly repairs and renovations.

So, while high water pressure doesn’t sound particularly threatening, it should in fact be treated as a serious issue that could endanger the safety of your property and compromise its structural credibility.

To avoid the consequences, simply make maintaining a good average water pressure a necessary part of your maintenance routine.

If you’re not sure how to do this, call So Cal Services at (951) 926-1978 to schedule a reliable plumbing expert to do a routine check of your plumbing system, including checking for leaks and water pressure irregularities.

 2.   Reduction in Life Expectancy of Pipes and Fixtures 

Pipes and plumbing fixtures are created to meet a minimum life expectancy based on their manufacturing standards.

Unfortunately, this service life expectancy can be reduced when high water pressure erodes the pipes. Keeping your water pressure within the ideal average range helps your pipes and plumbing fixtures last as long as they should, perhaps even longer!

Of course, the longer your plumbing lasts, the less expense you have for part replacements and repair.

Here are some of the plumbing components that suffer most from high water pressure:

● Emergency shutoff valves

● Washing machine solenoid valves

● Dishwasher solenoid valves

● Water heaters

● Ballcock fill valves inside of your toilet tank

● Faucets, include the shower valve cartridges of tubs and showers

● All flexible water supply connectors

3.    Random Pipe Sounds

This one isn’t so much a monetary consequence so much as a mental one. The annoying and disruptive sounds caused by high water pressure can be a strain for anyone wishing for some peace and quiet.

On the plus side, pipe noises are early indication signs that something in your plumbing should be checked ASAP. Listening to what your home is telling you could save you large amounts of repair costs on the back end.

Some common auditory indicators of high water pressure include:

● Humming in the pipes

● Hammering (caused by high water pressure encountering a valve)

Listening to the information these sounds tell you about your plumbing is one good way of preventing costly and time consuming plumbing problems in the future.

4. Water Waste

Effects-Of-High Water Pressure Utility Bill

Aside from pipe problems, high water pressure can also lead to the unnecessary wasting of water.

High water pressure can cause those little drips and dribbles from your faucets, toilets, and showers. You might not see this a cause for concern given the little amount of water you see dripping, however, it tends to add up over time.

In addition to the drips and dribbles, statistics say that for every 10 minutes of water usage, high water pressure wastes an extra 6 to 26 gallons of water! That can accumulate to hundreds of gallons per  day depending on the household. That much wasted water will surely be reflected in your water bill.

Keeping your water pressure at the recommended average level will help you avoid getting stuck with outrageous monthly water bills. Who knows, maybe it could even help you take that vacation you’ve been hoping for.

5.    Appliance Breakdown

High water pressure not only affects your plumbing system and water bill, it can also
affect your water-using appliances.

Similar to how high water pressure reduces the life expectancy of your home plumbing system, it also reduces the usable period of your large home appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters.

High water pressure wears on the materials and parts of your appliances necessitating repairs or replacements much sooner than you had probably intended.

It all sounds pretty hopeless so far, but we promise there are relatively easy steps you can take to ensure your water pressure stays at its ideal level.

Here are some of our tips that you can consider to help you keep your water pressure in check.

●    Use a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV)

You can fix the problem of high water pressure through a pressure reducing valve or
PRV. The valve is designed to keep your water pressure regulated at a psi level safe for
your plumbing system.

Effects Of High Water Pressure Man Installing

Aside from the benefit of avoiding the mentioned damages, a PRV can cut your water consumption by 30%, directly affecting your water bills.

A pressure reducing valve requires relatively little maintenance and can help you regulate water pressure for up to twelve years.

To install or replace a PRV, we suggest contacting a professional to be sure it is done safely and correctly.

●     Install an Expansion Tank

An expansion tank can help your PRV compensate for thermal expansion when water is heated.

You can also minimize the wear-and-tear in the pressurized part of your plumbing system by controlling excess pressure through pressure readings at your hose bib.

You can always check your water pressure for extra precaution, but make sure that you have a professional to help you regulate the pressure through installation of proper regulatory means and routine check ups. In the case of water damage, prevention is most definitely better than cure.

So Cal Services is a knowledgeable and dedicated local plumbing company ready to provide expert diagnoses, repairs, installations, or replacements for all your plumbing concerns around the Riverside, Orange, and San Diego county areas.

So Cal Services is proud to have a team of experienced plumbing professionals to assist you no matter how big or small your plumbing emergency.

For more information about how So Cal Services can help fix water pressure, call or text (951) 926-1978 to schedule an appointment. You can also reach us by email at info@socalservices.com.


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