Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency

Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency - It’s Hot Here

As usual, the weather is hot here and people are bound to turn the A/C on longer and keep thermostats lower to keep cool, and this means a spike in your electricity bill.


According to the Department of Energy reports, heating and cooling bills make up over half of your total utility expenses. 


How do you improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system while keeping cool during the hot summer months?   Here we give you tips to make sure your AC is operating at maximum efficiency.

Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency Tip #1: Keep Your A/C Well Maintained

Preventive maintenance is still one of the best things you can do to improve air conditioner efficiency. It not only keeps your system functioning properly, but also prevents costly breakdowns and ensures you get many years of service out of it. 


Having your air conditioning system maintained regularly allows you to detect issues early so you’re able to do something about them before they become major problems.


One of the basic things you can do yourself is to keep your filters cleaned. This not only ensures that your air conditioning is running at peak condition, it also means you and your family are breathing cleaner air. 


It’s important to clean, or if needed, replace your filters on a regular basis. How regular is regular? Here’s our suggested frequency for replacing filters:


  • For an "average" suburban home without pets: every 90 days


  • With a dog or cat: every 60 days


  • With more than one pet or if there’s someone in the home with allergies: every 20-45 days


For other maintenance tasks, it is best to call your air conditioning experts to do them for you.  Regular maintenance work includes inspection and cleaning of the compressor, replacement of parts, and minor repairs.  Do not forget to have your ductwork inspected for any leaks or blockage.


By performing preventative maintenance, you know your A/C is ready when the temperatures start to spike for the summer.

Another maintenance task you can do your own or ask your HVAC expert to do is clear the drain line.  If you’re doing this yourself, you can keep it clean through the summer by flushing a cup of chlorine bleach followed by a gallon of water down your air conditioning drain.

Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency Tip #2: Turn The Thermostat Up

When the weather is scorching, you may be tempted to turn the thermostat really low to keep yourself as cool as possible, but doing this can drive your utility bills up. 


We also recommend an update to a digital or smart thermostat (if you haven’t already, that is). A digital thermostat can be programmed so you only run your A/C when everyone is at home and active. 


On the other hand, a smart thermostat allows you to remotely control the temperature of your home.  For instance, if you’ve turned up your thermostat when you were out of the house, you can adjust it to be cooler by the time you return home.  


Some more advanced models can even monitor your activities, learn your patterns, and program the temperature of your home accordingly.

Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency Tip #3: Keep Your Ducts Clean and Insulated

When dust and dirt restrict airflow in your ducts, your A/C is bound to work harder than it needs to.  Subsequently, this leads to higher energy consumption and an increase in your utility bills. 


If your A/C’s ductwork runs through non-air-conditioned space, we also recommend having your ducts insulated to keep the cool air that your A/C produces cool as it travels through your home’s ventilation system.


When you suspect leaks, you can seal them with a UL-181-rated duct sealing tape to keep the cooled air in.

Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency Tip #4: Keep Indoor Vents Clean and Unblocked

Speaking of ventilation, you can likewise improve air conditioner efficiency by keeping indoor vents clean and making sure that they have no blockage. 


Regularly vacuuming of dust and debris away from supply vents helps maintain steady airflow from your system.  Also, it’s important to make sure that nothing blocks the vents by keeping items like furniture, random items like toys, or even blinds away from them.

Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency Tip #5: Keep the Outdoor Unit Clean

Do not let debris, leaves, grass and other materials accumulate around the outdoor unit of your A/C system. These can be sucked up inside and clog the inner parts of your A/C unit. 


This not only makes your system work harder than it should to keep your home cool, it can eventually lead to a major breakdown. Make it a habit to clean around the outside area of your A/C unit each time you do yard work.

Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency Tip #6: Keep Your Blinds or Curtains Closed

While you may like sunshine streaming in through your windows, it can also heat up the rooms in your home enough to make your air conditioning system work harder. You can help your A/C work more efficiently by keeping your curtains or blinds closed during the hottest hours of the day. 


If you must keep the curtains open or you really do not like the idea of drawn curtains, you can opt to install low-emissivity windows. These are treated with a special reflective coating that keeps heat out while still allowing light in.

Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency Tip #7: Keep Heat Producing Appliances Away from Your Thermostat

When located near a thermostat, lamps and other heat producing appliances (electric kettle, toaster, coffee maker etc) used nearby can affect the reading of indoor air temperatures. This “confuses” your air conditioning system and makes it work harder to make your home cooler. 


This can cause an unnecessary spike in your utility bills.

Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency Tip #8: Schedule Use of Appliances Wisely

While you cannot totally avoid using these heat-generating appliances, scheduling use can help the efficiency of your air conditioning system. 


Avoid using your oven or clothes dryer during the hottest hours of the day. It is better to use these at night when it is easier for your unit to maintain the cool temperature in your home.

We Are Here To Help You

If your air conditioning is blowing more hot than cold, it’s time to call in the experts. Don’t get caught suffering in heat during the sweltering summer days. Call SoCal Services for the best air conditioning repair and services in the area. 


You can be sure that our certified technicians have the solution for any repair, maintenance, or installation/replacement service that you need for your air conditioner.


We are a highly trusted company offering 100% satisfaction. We guarantee the highest level of craftsmanship combined with dependable name brand products backed by warranties on parts, equipment, and labor.  


Also ask us about our Cool Club Service Agreements. This is our maintenance service program that ensures your A/C system is regularly scheduled for preventive maintenance service. When you sign up for this program, you enjoy priority scheduling and an additional 10% discount for all parts and services.

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