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never pour grease down your sink, don’t pour grease down your kitchen sink, how to dispose of grease, grease disposal, grease down the the kitchen sink

There are some simple and sensible reasons why you should never pour grease down your kitchen sink. These reasons are pretty easy to understand and, knowing how fats, oils, and grease (collectively called FOG) negatively affect a home’s plumbing (and sewer system as well), they make perfect sense.


While it’s no doubt a convenient thing to do, pouring bacon grease, used cooking oil, and other oily substances into your kitchen sink pose a lot of problems for the pipes. More often than not, these issues lead to costly repair jobs that could have been avoided. Read More.

avoiding a Halloween plumbing scare, Halloween plumbing disaster, Halloween garbage disposal clogs, tips to avoid a Halloween plumbing scare, prevent Halloween plumbing disasters

Running out of Halloween candy for the trick or treaters can be scary but it cannot be any more stressful than avoiding a Halloween plumbing scare!


This year’s Halloween has the elements of the perfect holiday - it falls on a Saturday so you can devote the entire day to the festivities. It will also have a full moon which can heighten the spooky mood come night time.


However, a plumbing disaster can spoil all your plans. Here we give you tips on how to avoid a Halloween plumbing scare so you can enjoy the day.  Read More.

signs your pipes may be breaking, signs of broken pipes, signs of leaky pipes, indicators of pipe leak, need to repair your pipes

Until something goes wrong and you find yourself with a plumbing emergency on your hands, it’s easy to ignore the signs your pipes may be breaking. They’re out of sight and out of mind - your plumbing, that is. Unfortunately, the signs are often not very obvious. Little issues may go unnoticed because breaks in the pipes may be in hidden locations.

Sometimes, problems are addressed, just a bit too late, and homeowners find themselves dealing with expensive or complicated plumbing repairs. You can easily avoid this by knowing the signs your pipes may be breaking before problems get out of hand. Read More.

changing your HVAC filter, how often should I replace HVAC filter, how often should I replace home air filter, maintain home air quality, HVAC filter maintenance

With people essentially compelled to stay at home and indoors, there’s more focus than ever on the importance of changing your HVAC filter regularly.  


Replacing your air filter is part of the maintenance process of your air conditioning and heating system. Regular maintenance contributes to increased efficiency and improved performance of the entire system and saves wear and tear. 


Here we give you the benefits of regularly changing your HVAC filter.

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signs your air conditioner is dying, A/C dying, clues your air conditioner is dying, broken air conditioner, when to replace air conditioner, replace A/C

Like any other home electrical appliance, air conditioning units can’t last forever – which means they need to be replaced at some point. 


It is hard to tell though, let alone predict, when an A/C unit’s life is coming to an end, and it can certainly be annoying when it breaks when you need it most. Luckily, there are a few common signs your air conditioner is dying.


Here are a few things you should keep your eye on that could indicate a replacement is necessary in the near future. Read More.

how to choose a new kitchen sink, choosing a new sink, buying a new kitchen sink, kitchen sink considerations, which sink is right for me, types of kitchen sinks

Whether your current sink is damaged, outdated, or you just want to gift your humble home with a spanking new sink, you should carefully weigh in on your choices before making your purchase.


But, just how do you know that you’ve found the perfect one – the one sink that would serve all your needs?


The professionals are here to help. Here are our top tricks on how to choose a new kitchen sink to fit all your needs.

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top plumbing myths, plumbing mistakes, plumbing old wives’ tales, how to take care of your plumbing, plumbing problems

Let’s be honest, a lot of your home maintenance routines are learned behaviors from your parents. They probably learned it from their parents. But have you ever stopped to wonder whether these old wives’ tales are doing your home more harm than good?


Here are the most common myths that you should know about plumbing, along with top solutions you should start using instead.

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Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency, money saving A/C tips, lower electric bills, reduce cooling bill, make air conditioner run better, save money on air conditioning

According to the Department of Energy reports, heating and cooling bills make up over half of your total utility expenses. 


How do you improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system while keeping cool during the hot summer months?   Here we give you tips to make sure your AC is operating at maximum efficiency.

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How To Tell If Water Is Safe

In 2012, the California legislature passed the Human Right to Water Act, which recognizes the human right to safe, clean, affordable and accessible water.  Unfortunately, the law was rather light on the details (and, more importantly, the funds) to ensure this would become a reality. 


Most Californians receive their drinking water from public water systems.  These systems are subject to many state and federal regulations intended to ensure that the water provided to their customers is safe. Exposure to contaminated water can lead to a number of serious health problems, both immediate and more long term. Read More.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Water heating is the second-largest expense in the home, accounting for about 20 percent of your home energy budget.


It’s no surprise homeowners are always looking for ways to maximize energy and cost savings in their homes. Investing in an energy-efficient on-demand water heater could be the key.

Think of all the energy we've wasted with our water heaters constantly running.


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