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Informative Articles and Plumbing Help

Clogs And Drain Cleaning

The sad truth about drain cleaning is that all plumbing systems develop clogs - it’s just one of those things you cannot avoid. And just about every plumbing fixture in the home can get backed up, from the kitchen sink, to your bathtub and shower drain, toilets, and floor drains.

Here, we discuss the usual causes for drain clogs. We will also show you effective drain cleaning techniques that will dislodge most clogs.

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clogged dishwasher

A flooded kitchen? That sounds like a nightmare. Unfortunately, the chances of it are all too real, and clogged dishwashers are a common culprit.

Dishwashers not draining is in fact one of the most common problems that plumbers encounter. The trouble can be rooted in a malfunction, misuse, or just general wear and tear.

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how to keep plumbing perfect

“Out of sight, out of mind” - that’s your usual relationship with the plumbing system in your home. And it works...until something goes wrong and you find yourself with a clogged toilet or a flooded basement.

So, how do you prevent an all out emergency when it comes to your pipes?

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Washing Machine Care Tips

Using these washing machine care tips to give your washing machine a makeover can help you avoid all the hassle of partially clean clothes, leaking, and even breakage that could put the appliance out of commission —


or worse, lead to malfunctions and costly water damage.


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which pipes are best

Are you feeling lost wondering which pipes are best for you?  Perhaps you’re planning on investing in a new home and want to check on the pipes?  Or maybe your pipes at home are in dire need of replacement? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’ve come to the right place. 

Clean and healthy water is one of every family’s basic necessities.  None of us wants to risk drinking contaminated tap water. Read more.

running toilet costs

A running toilet is a scene straight out of a homeowner’s horror film: you wake up one beautiful morning, coffee in hand, you check your water bill, and it turns out to be much, much more than what you normally pay monthly.

You then remember that leaky toilet you didn’t fix last month and have to grudgingly admit to yourself that maybe it wasn’t such a small problem after all.

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property management plumber benefits

There are several benefits to having a property management plumber on call to take care of
regular maintenance tasks and emergency repairs.

● You save money on plumbing repairs
● Emergency plumbing problem calls (which are usually at 2AM) go directly to the plumber
● Makes the job of property management easier - one less thing to worry about
● Customer service is guaranteed to be excellent

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prevent plumbing clogs during covid-19

School, work, and events are cancelled, public places are closed, and you and your family are experiencing extra time at home.

More people at home means more bathroom usage. In fact, there’s a rumor this is what fueled the run on toilet paper. Rather than using restrooms and kitchens at schools, in workplaces, or restaurants, we are using those in our home.

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health issues caused by pipe leaks

The extent of pipe leak damage is detrimental not only to your finances but also in your health. How?


The presence of molds and mildew due to undetected pipe leaks can aggravate respiratory and skin conditions such as asthma and allergies. Not to mention the nasty odor coming from raw sewage leaks.

Find out how to detect and fix pipe leaks and drain problems to avoid health issues by reading further.  Read more.

Effects Of High Water Pressure

We all know low water pressure is a problem, interrupting your daily activities such as  showering,cooking, and washing dishes, but did you know high water pressure has its consequences also?

The ideal water pressure for your home plumbing system ranges from 45 to 55 pounds per square inch (psi). To avoid the negative effects, the maximum water pressure you should be seeing in your home is 60 psi.  Read more.