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Murrieta Heater Repair

Murrieta Heater Repair – Advantages of Working with So Cal Services




For the best in Murrieta heater repair, call So Cal Services.  While Murrieta may be in sunny Temecula Valley, it does not mean that it does not experience cold weather.  In fact, during the winter months, temperatures can go to the low 30’s, or lower.

When it’s the coldest time of the year and your heater suddenly blows cold, who can you call for Murrieta heater repair?  So Cal Services!

So Cal Services has got you covered.  We have built a reputation for providing excellent services. Whether it’s for a Murrieta heater repair, or a replacement or an installation, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Anything less is unacceptable.

Why do people love So Cal Services?

We’re affordable. We source from many reputable manufacturers so we can provide our customers what they need at the best price, without sacrificing on quality.

No hardsell. If we can repair it and there’s a replacement part, we do not sell you on buying a new heater. You can be assured that any repairs are guaranteed and we offer a 100% warranty on parts, service and labor.

Best team. You are sure of the highest level of craftmanship. Our technicians are highly trained and are certified to the highest standards in their trade.  They are well versed in the latest technologies and products, having to undergo constant and continuous training to keep them at the top of their game.

Wide range of services. Below are just some of our services:

  • Central heating repairs, installation and replacement.

  • Furnace repairs, installation and replacement

  • Condenser repairs, installation and replacement

  • Heat pump repairs, installation and replacement

  • Maintenance services

  • Coil Cleaning

  • Replacement of compressor

  • Blower fan and motor replacement


And we service both residential and commercial clients.

Pay for exactly what we quote. No added fees or charges for overtime.

True timelines. We do not promise impossible deadlines. But we always exert best effort to finish all jobs as quickly as possible to cause as little inconvenience to you as possible.

If you are looking for the best company that offer Murrieta heater repair, installation or replacement, you can trust So Cal Services to offer you incomparable services and high quality products.


Best Murrieta Heater Repair – Signs of Trouble

Before your heater or furnace breaks down completely, it will give certain signs that things are not as they should be. Being aware of these symptoms will help you catch issues before they become bigger problems.

  • Strange Noises. Any noise is an indication of things not being normal

  • Furnace running constantly.

  • Pilot light is out

  • Uneven heating

  • Increasing heating bill

  • Circuit breaker or fuse gets tripped or blown

  • Burner gas flame is yellow instead of bright blue. This is a serious situation especially if it is a flickering flame. This indicates that your furnace is producing highly toxic carbon monoxide.  


Exposure to this gas cause these flu like symptoms including nausea, feeling light headed and headaches, among many other symptoms.

  • Age of your system. The older your system is, the more likely are you to experience problems and you may have to consider a replacement.


In addition to the above symptoms, you might also notice these:

  • Dust accumulation

  • Increased allergies among your family members or employees


If your furnace or heater is not performing at its best, So Cal Services can help. Our team of experienced technicians can identify the problem and give you the most economical solution for the heating system you have. We guarantee to get your furnace running like new using high quality replacement parts.


Regular preventive maintenance is still your best defense against problems. While we can repair most heating problems, there is nothing like regular maintenance of your heating system to keep it safe and in good working order.

A furnace heats up your home by burning fossil fuels. And this creates carbon monoxide emissions. To keep these emissions in safe levels and to ensure your furnace is working properly, it is important to have it maintained regularly.

So Cal Services offers pre-season inspection to identify faulty parts that help you avoid costly repairs down the line.

Ask about our Kool Klub Service Agreements that provide regularly scheduled preventive maintenance for your heating system. What’s so cool about our Kool Klub Service Agreements?  You get to enjoy a 10% discount on all parts and services.

You also get to enjoy these many benefits:

  • Priority scheduling, especially if you experience an emergency with your HVAC system.

  • Summer/winter HVAC tuneup

  • Highly skilled, professional technicians who maintain your system and identify parts that may need replacement

  • Tracking of your HVAC system tune-ups for you. Never miss a maintenance schedule because we will track it for you and contact your for maintenance visits.

  • Winter inspection that include the following:

    • Testing of air flow in the duct system to check for carbon monoxide emissions

    • Inspection of thermostat of check if it is working properly

    • Testing for safe and proper operation of the ignition system

    • Testing of exhaust system for proper venting

    • Testing of gas valves to ensure gas pressure is okay

    • Cleaning and inspection of furnace burner and heat exchanger

    • Measuring of gas pressure for peak efficiency

    • Checking up of blower motor

    • Inspection of electrical wirings

    • Checking for natural gas leaks

    • Inspection of dangerous combustible materials around the furnace

    • Checking of all electrical components

    • Cleaning of air filter

    • Testing of all safety features


However, despite regular maintenance, nothing really last forever.  If you need a replacement or are planning to install a new heating system, So Cal Services helps you find the perfect solution for your home or office.

Our technicians are certified and will install your new system safely and up to federal, state and local codes.


We carry a wide range of products. You can be sure that the equipment we install in your home will have the Energy Star Rating. This means that they are energy efficient that can save you on heating bills.


Below are the heating systems we can install to your home or office:

  • Gas, Electric, or Forced Air Furnaces

  • Heat Pumps

  • Ductless Split Heating Systems

  • Zone Control Heating Systems


For The Best Murrieta Heater Repair – Call Us Today


Whether it is for a Murrieta heater repair, replacement of an old heating unit or installation for a new system, So Cal Services has the perfect solution for you.

We guarantee full customer satisfaction for all work we do.

Reach out today to ask about our products and services. Call us at 951-926-1978 or reach out to us online through our contacts page.

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