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Murrieta Water Heater Repair and Service

Murrieta Water Heater Repair and Service – Advantages of Working with So Cal Services




When your water heater conks out in the middle of the coldest day of the year, call on the most reliable Murrieta water heater repair and service in the area. Trust So Cal Services for fast response and solution to your problem.

Because customer service is our top priority, we make sure that you are 100% happy with the work we did for you. How do we do this? Here are just a few reasons why people trust us:

  • Certified and Skilled Technicians. So Cal Services’ team of technicians are the best in the industry and provide the highest level of craftsmanship.


It does not matter how simple or complex a job is, you can be sure that our technicians will devote the same care and attention whether it’s for a replacement of a gasket or for a installation of a water heater unit.

They are certified to the highest standard in their trade and continue to undergo training to keep them up to date with latest technology. Best of all, you can be sure that all work we do are code compliant  and safe.

The are well versed in all state, local and federal codes.

They diagnose your water heater problem accurately and find the best solution for it.  They can repair, replace or install all makes and models of water heaters.

  • Honest Service. With So Cal Services, we give you honest quotes and honest timelines. Pay for what we quoted – no add on fees nor extra charges for overtime or use of special equipment, etc.


Others may promise to finish quickly but never really meet the deadline. We give realistic deadlines and finish the job within the promised timeline.

  • Quality Parts and Equipment.  We source from many reputable manufacturers so our customers get what they want at the best quality and price. Best of all, we offer 100% warranty on parts, labor and service.

  • Affordable Pricing.  Because we source from different manufacturers and we are able to get the best deals, we pass this on to our customers. We are able to meet their needs while staying within their budget – without sacrificing quality.

  • No Hard Sell.  If we can repair it, we will. We will not sell you on buying a new water heater if a replacement part is all that is needed. And we don’t recommend unnecessary services, either. We pride ourselves on dealing with our customers with the highest degree of integrity and honesty.

  • 24/7 Emergency Service. We have people on standby, ready to help with all types of service related emergencies round the clock, 7 days a week. That’s what you call reliability.

  • Full Range of Services. We work with all makes and models of water heaters. Our technicians maintain, repair and install water heaters.


However, So Cal Services is a full service company offering many products and services for plumbing, air conditioning, and heating.


So Cal Services – Best Murrieta Water Heater Repair and Service

We use hot water for many household tasks – dishwashing, laundry and bathing, among other things. So when your water heater conks out, it becomes an inconvenience.

Watch out for these signs that your water heater needs repair or maintenance:

  • Water heater leaks

  • Wet floors and walls near your water heater


These 2 signs above not only point to a water heater problem but when left unattended can cause damage to your floors. Not only that, molds that cause allergies and other health issues may also develop over time.

  • Popping noises coming from the water heater

  • Rust colored water coming out of faucets

  • Hot water turning cold fast

  • No hot water


If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, call So Cal Services and our technicians will quickly determine the cause of the problem and recommend the best solution to it.

Because it’s no fun to suddenly find yourself under a cold shower …. In the middle of winter, we recommend scheduling water heater tune ups.

A well maintained water heater saves you as much as 15% on your water heating bills. Not only that, you are able to catch small issues before they become expensive repairs down the line.

So Cal Services has a Kool Klub Service Agreement Maintenance Program where members get to enjoy exclusive benefits:

  • Priority VIP Scheduling. Should you have an emergency with your water heater unit, we give you priority scheduling AT NOT ADDITIONAL COST during regular business hours

  • Professional Technicians at Your Service. Our skilled and certified technicians maintain your water heater unit and identify any parts or components that need to be replaced, even before they cause any major problems. We use quality parts that are covered with 100% warranty

  • Discounted Pricing. Get 10% discount for all parts and services

  • Automatic Scheduling. Never miss a scheduled visit because we track it for you, and contact you for these maintenance visits.

Quality Water Heater Installation


If you need a new water heater, So Cal Services install tankless water heaters in Murrieta.

How are these different from traditional water heaters?

Tankless water heaters are the latest innovation in water heaters. Compared to traditionally designed water heaters where a tank holds water to keep it hot, tankless ones heat water on demand. It uses flashes of heat on coils filled with water to heat water as quickly as needed.

More than the trendy new design, tankless water heaters are more energy efficient and help in reducing your utility bill. They use 30 to 50% less energy than units with tanks.

Tankless water heaters are recommended for households which use a lot of hot water. Compared to conventional water heaters, these take up much smaller space while having the capacity to provide for high volume water needs.

If you are considering on installing a new water heater, consider installing the tankless type. With National regulations mandating more efficient home appliances, you are closer to meeting the new energy efficiency requirements PLUS you save major $$$ on you utility bills.


For The Best Murrieta Water Heater Repair Service -Call Us Today

So Cal Services provide the best Murrieta water heater repair and services. Ask also about our energy efficient tankless water heaters that comply with new national regulations mandating home appliances with a high energy rating (more energy efficient).

Call us today and our experienced technicians will come to perform diagnosis on your water heater. They can work with all makes and models of water heaters. Whether it is for a repair, installation or replacement of a water heater, you can be sure we have the perfect solution to your needs.

Contact us at 951-926-1978. We like to hear from you about your problems or plans in your home, office or shop.

Or drop us an email at

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