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How Pets Can Impact Your Air Conditioner

Cats and dogs are amazing, therapeutic in some cases. Everyone who owns a fluffy love bug knows the horrors of shedding and bad behavior. Unless you own a poodle or a Sphynx, shedding is inevitable, and that hair can wreak havoc on your air conditioning unit. Conversely, your air conditioner unit may pose threats to your beloved, furry family members. But with a little knowledge and simple pet care techniques, you can reduce the amount of chaos your pets cause to your HVAC system.

Dander, fur, and hair, oh my!

As pets shed, their dander and other particles have to go somewhere. This released hair is no different than normal dust; it circulates the air in your home until it gets suctioned up by your ventilation’s intake, and gets caught in the filter. Thus, pet dander will cause an acceleration of build up on your filters, lowering the efficiency of your air conditioning unit and costing you precious cash. So, owning a pet will mean you will need to replace your air filter more often. You can combat this by employing simple techniques: regular brushing and grooming of your pet (preferably outside) and discarding the shed, and vacuuming any loose dander you may find. Your furry friends may be cherished, but don’t let them ruin your HVAC system!


Protect your air conditioner and your pets.

You, as an adult human, may know not to mess with the equipment and wires around your house. But, unless you have the Einstein of Canines, your pet has the mental capacity of a toddler and doesn’t know any better. Their curiosity can get the better of them, and possibly lead them to danger. Things like exposed wires and your backyard condenser unit can be prime targets for exploration for your curious pals. A nibble on an exposed electrical wire can hurt your pet and ruin your system, so be sure to hide wires in conduits. Likewise, your condenser unit can hurt your pet should they stick their paw in the fans (which would damage your air conditioner, too), so be sure to lock it away in a safety cage or simply a wire mesh.

The Takeaway: HVAC and Pets CAN get along.

All you need to avoid disaster is a little knowledge and foresight. By employing these simple techniques, you can protect your pets and your home from tragedy. Your little friends are curious beasts, whose natural shedding ruins filters and whose curiosity can harm them. Do your best to protect them and your air conditioning unit, and you’ll enjoy an increased longevity of both!

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