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Property Management Plumber

Benefits of Hiring a Property Management Plumber

There are several benefits to having a property management plumber on call to take care of regular maintenance tasks and emergency repairs.

● You save money on plumbing repairs
● Emergency plumbing problem calls (which are usually at 2AM) go directly to the plumber
● Makes the job of property management easier - one less thing to worry about
● Customer service is guaranteed to be excellent
● Property plumbing is better-maintained and major issues can be anticipated and averted
● High quality repairs and parts

Let’s look at each of these in more detail:

It is cost effective. Using a property management plumber for multiple properties can be cost effective. It is possible to negotiate a good deal for a maintenance and repair package instead of having to call a plumber who may charge a premium for emergency situations or on a per job basis.

Further, calling an unknown plumber means you open yourself up to being charged for parts and or repairs that are not really needed.

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A “staff” plumber is familiar with the plumbing in the property, the potential issues, and parts that are most likely to have a problem. This means more efficiency and less chance for error and overcharging.

A well maintained property attracts quality tenants. Having a property management plumber (or any service provider for that matter) can also be a selling point for your property to future tenants. It shows that as a property owner or manager, you care about the condition of the property and its facilities. For many tenants, this can make or break the deal. 

By having a plumber you can trust on call 24/7 for any emergencies, you give them the confidence to sign a long term lease on the property you manage or own.

It keeps your property in top condition. Regular maintenance schedules ensure that you catch any issues before they become bigger problems. Keeping in control of plumbing, sewer, gas and HVAC needs of the property ensures satisfaction of tenants.

Neglecting upkeep of your property can result in legal situations that are linked to poor maintenance. For instance, your tenant may sue due to moisture control problems that caused molds to develop in their unit.


In addition to keeping the property in great condition, having a property management plumber makes it possible to schedule any major repairs like pipe replacement when it’s convenient and cost effective. You are able to avert disasters that lead to major damage because of scheduled repairs.

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Emergency situations are handled professionally. Partnering with a reliable and trusted property management plumber ensures that any emergency repairs are done quickly and at the highest quality.

And the calls can go directly to the plumber, taking one set of problems off of your stress list.

Unlike calling in just any service provider for emergencies, a plumber who regularly maintains your property has full knowledge of how things are set up or laid out, and can quickly perform the repair needed. You can be assured that the repair rendered is not just a stop gap but a long term solution to the problem.

You save money with improvements and installations. Save money on utilities provided to tenants free of-charge. The federal government grants rebates for installing new, energy efficient appliances or environmentally-friendly products.

And this goes towards substantial savings on utility costs. Partnering with a trusted property management plumber means you have someone who can help select the ideal water-saving or sewer-management equipment, and other energy efficient saving devices for your rental home or apartments.

And since potential leaks are nipped in the bud, this should save water costs as well.

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A property manager plumber has experience with HOA documentation, policy requirements, and accounting and billing. Unlike typical plumbers, a plumber that has worked with a property manager knows the special requirements that this work entails. This means that:

● They can arrange and schedule service times with residents.
● They have experience in determining and explaining HOA and resident liability for any repairs
● They provide detailed documentation of all work in compliance with HOA protocol.
● The comply with accounting procedures of your HOA
● They specialize in helping properties that other plumbing companies have not capability to service

What To Look For in a Property Management Plumber

As a property manager, your chief duty is to protect the owner’s investment and interests while ensuring tenant satisfaction. It is therefore important to know how to secure a great plumbing service.


Here are the qualities to look for:

1. Experience. It is not only important to look for a company with experienced technicians. As mentioned above, the plumbing company must also be well versed with HOA protocols.

2. Professional and Reliable. Because your property’s reputation is at stake, it is important to find a company who can deliver AND guarantee their service. Any shoddy work will reflect back to your property and its management. And this can drive away potential renters or tenants.

3. Prompt Response. When an emergency situation arises, you want to be working with a property management plumber who can respond quickly. Fast response is crucial for two main reasons:

a. Resolving an emergency repair quickly equates to less damage to the property.
b. It contributes to tenant satisfaction. One of the reasons for late rent payments is lack of general maintenance in the property.

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Typical Services That A Property Manager Plumber Provides

● Tap servicing and replacement

● Repair of burst pipes

● Drains inspections & reporting

● Drain replacement

Leak detection

● Toilet servicing and replacement

● Servicing of blocked drains

● Reticulation repairs

Hot water system servicing and replacement

● Water hammer

● Gas leak detection and repairs

● Servicing and replacement of gas appliances

● Testing for back flow and servicing

● Renovation

● HVAC repair and replacement

Water filtration servicing, repair and replacement

● 24/7 emergency services

So Cal Services - Experienced Property Management Plumber

If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable partner in managing your property or properties, So Cal Services is the company to call.

With over 20 years of experience we have been supplying the Riverside, Orange, and San Diego counties in both residential and commercial plumbing repairs and installs.

Our exceptional plumbing and HVAC technicians can come for regular maintenance work and respond promptly to any emergency situation. We will diagnose and repair your problem, and do it right the first time.

What’s best? We offer 100% warranty on parts, services, and labor. Call now: 951-926-1978

We are your reliable partner in keeping your property in tip top condition.

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