rainy season prep tips

Rainy Season Prep Tips

Rainy Season Prep Tips For Your Home

They say that those who fail to prepare are preparing to fail. This is true in many ways, such as in the case of your home’s plumbing and outdoor spaces.


The rainy season can be unforgiving.  We see the proof of this on the news channels and, unfortunately, sometimes in our own homes.  Failing to stormproof your home before the season starts, may cause you to encounter some pretty serious challenges once the rains come.


If you don’t want to find yourself in an unpleasant situation in the middle of the storm season, take advantage of the clear weather we still have to make some preparations. 


We’ve done the initial leg work for you and gathered some simple rainy season prep tips for your home and your plumbing system.  Read on to learn more.

8 Rainy Season Prep Tips for Home and Plumbing


Making the right preparations prior to the rainy season can spell the difference between comfort and disaster this rainy season.  Surely nobody is hoping for a flooded home or clogged plumbing system this year? 


Take a look at these 8 rainy season prep tips for home and plumbing to avoid being in a soaky situation (pardon the pun):

rainy season prep tips roof leaks

1. Have your roofing checked. With just a ladder, you can easily check your roofing for basic wear and tear. This is critical since damaged roofing can be a significant source of leakage during the storm season. 


Water seeping or leaking from above is of course a concern for your floors or walls, but more so for your furniture, appliances, and electricals. 


If you see signs of damage, you should act immediately. If you’re not sure you can solve the problem alone, call your trusted contractor immediately.

2. Clean your gutters
and check for clogging or damage.
Debris and clogging has the potential to cause gutters and downspouts to collapse and leading to further headaches and expenses on your end.

Over time, gutters can get clogged with soil, plants, and other small debris. These two home components are an important part of keeping rainwater off your roof and house, so performing periodic maintenance on them is necessary.


3. Check your internal plumbing. During the storm season, the pipes tend to crack and shift due to the softening of the soil as a result of saturation from rainwater. 


When this happens, the pipes will almost certainly leak and cause flooding or structural damage to your home. This is a potentially messy and costly affair, but one that is easily preventable with proper and timely intervention and maintenance.

To be sure and thorough, it’s best to have a professional check that your plumbing system is in good shape for the upcoming season.  Professionals have the proper training and tools so as not to miss any important signs.

rainy season prep tips tree trimming

4. Mind your outdoors. Oftentimes, property owners tend to overlook their outdoor spaces when preparing their home for the upcoming storm season. 


Trees can get uprooted and branches broken, which can hit pipelines or damage your windows and roof.  Trim the branches, if you can, to make the trees lighter and to remove weak branches that are near your windows and doors.


Meanwhile, loose items such as lawn decor can be easily dislodged by strong winds and cause damage to your home’s siding, doors, and windows. You should take these items indoors or secure them properly to avoid such a scenario. 


Remember, these are not only safety threats against your home but also to everyone inside, so it’s a task that’s best not to ignore.


5. Check your electrical system. Floodwater that finds it way into your home and in contact with the electrical system can cause fire or electrocution.  Make sure to check whether your electrical system has loose wires and that they are not close to pipes, vents, or other openings where water could enter or leak. 


If, in the middle of a storm, you feel that your home is in danger of being inundated, it’s imperative to immediately flip the main electrical switch as a precaution.  A few hours in the dark is significantly preferable to electrocution or replacing major appliances.


Much the same as plumbing, it’s smart to call a professional to check you electric. Professionals bring the tools and the knowledge to make an accurate assessment of your system.


6. Do pest control. Termites are easily one of the top enemies of any home with wooden components, since they eventually cause significant damage or collapse. 


If your home has 7. particularly high number of wooden items, then it’s wise to have a professional pest control specialist to exterminate the pests during the summer. 


By keeping your home’s wooden components intact, you can keep them strong against possible floodwaters.


7. Buy a submersible water pump. If your area is particularly susceptible to flooding, you should invest in a submersible water pump. They’re easily available online or from a neighborhood supply store. 


It will set you back only a few hundred dollars but will be invaluable once floodwater gets inside of your home.


8. Use waterproof paint and sealant. They may cost more at the start, but waterproof paint can be a lifesaver in times of heavy rains. Waterproof paint, when applied correctly, can effectively keep rainwater from seeping through the walls and damaging your appliances and furniture items. 


You should also apply sealant to doors and windows to achieve the same effect. It’s better to overdo things a bit than to find your preventive efforts lacking when a storm rolls in.

Rainy Season Prep Tips - Why Hire So Cal Services?


If you’re not sure you have the time, skills, or proper equipment to do these 8 rainy season prep tips for home and plumbing, So Cal Services is here to help.  Eliminate the stress by allowing a trained professional to get your home in tip-top shape for the upcoming rains.


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