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Seasonal Energy Saving Tips To Help You Save On Energy, No Matter the Time of Year

Seasonal Energy Saving Tips To Help You Save On Energy, No Matter the Time of Year

Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, there’s no reason for you to endure increased energy costs. You can take effective measures to limit your energy use all year round.

From plumbing tips that help you cut back on energy consumption to cooking must-dos that limit your electricity usage, there are changes you can start making today to minimize your utility bills, which in turn can help you save more of your hard-earned money.


What’s more, these strategies won’t reduce your level of comfort but will reduce your overall energy usage helping you save money while also being more environmentally friendly.

Why There is a Need to Cut Back on Energy Consumption?


These days, energy costs are at an all-time high. Based on a report from, electricity consumption in the United States is expected to rise until 2050, when residential energy usage will reach an estimated 5.2 billion kilowatt hours.


This alarming figure should prompt any American household to rethink their electricity consumption and cut back on unnecessary energy usage.


Adopting energy-saving measures not only helps bring down the costs of electricity consumption in the US but is also environmentally friendly and allows you to save on cash.eadache and money later.


Energy Saving Tips to Help Reduce Consumption


You can save on energy no matter the season, and you can start straight away! We at So Cal Services, have compiled the following tips to help kickstart your way to efficient energy use all year round.


Energy Saving Tips Winter House

Winter is an opportune time to reduce electricity usage in your home, while still keeping yourfamily warm and cozy, of course.


o Lower the thermostat. Lowering your thermostat use is an effective way to save on your heating bill, and even a small change can make a difference. For example, you can take it down from 72°F to 68°F for a full 8 hours to save at least 10% on electricity consumption.

The good news is that you can save as much as 3% for every degree you turn your thermostat down.


While you’re at it, you can try setting your thermostat at a much lower temperature when you sleep at night or when nobody’s home. To make this easier, try installing a smart thermostat that can be programmed to turn off automatically when you are not at home.

o Change the filters. Make sure to check if your filters need changing at least once a month. Maintaining your heating system is a smart way to save on energy costs, while increasing overall comfort in your home.

o Use heat-trapping window coverings. Use more thermal drapes and blinds that allow for better insulation in your home. With these, you can keep warm air in to retain heat in your home.


Make sure that these drapes or blinds are closed when you sleep at night or on colder days.

o Use weather stripping or a window insulation kit. Using a window insulation kit (that shrink-wrap material you’ve probably wondered about) allows for better heat retention in your home.

In addition, weather stripping is a good way to make your windows ready for winter. It can be used on both non-moving sections of the window as well as for moveable joints.

o Run your ceiling fan counterclockwise. If you have a ceiling fan in your home, you can set it to run counter-clockwise or backwards to allow hot air from your heater to recirculate.

o Fix air leaks. Check for air leakage by inspecting the ductwork in your home. Should there be any, you can seal the leakage at joints by using a silver metal duct.

o Check the fireplace for air leaks too. Make sure your fireplace is airtight to prevent drafts through the house.

o Use programmable holiday lights. Use holiday lights that can be programmed automatically to turn off when you’re not around. Buy those that can be turned off remotely, so that when you accidentally leave them on, you can shut them off instantly from wherever you are.


Energy SavingTips Open Window

Unfortunately, it is during the hottest season of the year that most American homes spend a lot on energy. Good thing you can spend a fun-filled summer without worrying about electricity costs with these energy-efficiency tips.

o Open the windows. Get into the habit of opening your windows. This is a smart way to keep your home cool without turning the air conditioning on.


o Raise the thermostat. Set your thermostat to run a couple of degrees higher. For example, you can raise it between 75°F and 78°F during hot weather. This will allow you to save at least 5% on energy costs.

Or, you can use a smart thermostat that you can automatically program to your preferred temperature. This is particularly useful when you only want to retain temperature in rooms that are occupied.


o Air dry the laundry. Let your laundry dry in hot summer air rather than using your dryer. Hanging your clothes out to dry not only will allow you to take advantage of the fresh, summer breeze but can also help cut down your energy usage.


o Change the filters. Make sure to check your air conditioner filter on a regular basis. This ensures that it runs efficiently while lowering the energy you regularly consume for air conditioning.

Also remember to close all doors and windows when the air conditioning unit is on.


o Place your appliances strategically. It is wise to move any equipment or appliances that generate heat away from the air conditioner thermostat to keep it from running longer.


Energy Saving Tips Air Con Check

Spring is the perfect season to help you get into the habit of checking your energy-powered appliances to ensure they are running efficiently.


o Have the air conditioner inspected. Hire a professional to have your air conditioning inspected at least once every year. Routine checks allow your air conditioner to run smoothly without consuming a lot of electricity.


o Check for leaks. Inspect your home for leaks. This way, you can ensure that cold air
from your air conditioning system circulates efficiently around your home.


o Have your appliances cleaned. Appliance coils and vents should be cleaned out to avoid consuming too much energy, which usually happens when airways are clogged.




Energy Saving Tips Chimney Girl

The autumn season allows you to prep your home in time for winter and do some maintenance
checks to ensure energy efficiency.

o Have the furnace inspected. Have your furnace checked for dirty filters to ensure heat is efficiently retained inside your home.

o Get your fireplace cleaned. Give your fireplace the cleaning it needs to ensure proper heat retention in time for winter. Keep the damper closed when not in use to avoid hot air to escape.

o Winter-proof your water lines. Make sure exterior faucets and spigots are turned off. Hire a professional plumber to check for and repair water leaks and damaged pipes. Water lines or pumps that run on electricity may consume more power when leaks or damages are present.

All year long

Practice energy-saving measures all year round to significantly bring your consumption down.

o Turn the water heater down. Even just a few degrees down can help you save cash every month.

o Be smart about using water. Efficient use of water is a great way to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions. Think of where you can save on water — for example, instead of washing your laundry every day, why not do it just when the load is full?

More importantly, check for water leaks to ensure your faucets are running efficiently. Don’t forget to hire a plumbing specialist to check for drainage and pipe damage. These are just a few plumbing tips that can help you not only save on water but on electricity, too.

o Use the microwave. Come up with dishes you can cook in the microwave oven instead of a conventional oven. You can save about 50% on energy when you cook meals in a microwave  oven.

o Use LEDs. Use energy-efficient LED lighting instead of incandescent light bulbs.

o Wash clothes with cold water. Use cold water when washing your clothes can allow you to save $50 every year.

o Unplug your appliances. Unplug any electrical appliances when you’re not home. Appliances that are plugged in even when not in use also consume energy.

Keep these handy tips in mind when you want to save on energy and ultimately, to save on
money. It is also wise to work with home maintenance specialists to get more ideas on how you
can run an energy-efficient home.


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