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Temecula Heater Repair

Temecula Heater Repair – Advantages of Working with So Cal Services




For the best in Temecula heating repair, look no further. Southern California may almost always be sunny but it does not mean that it does not get cold. Winter temperatures can get as low as 30 degrees. When your home suddenly suffers a heating issue when all you want is to keep warm and toasty, who can you call?


So Cal Services has a team of heating experts who are on standby 24/7 to solve any problems with your home’s heating.  For the best Temecula heater repair services, you can trust in us to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Expect nothing less.

As a locally family owned and operated company, So Cal Services upholds a high standard of customer service. Satisfied customers are our best advertisers so we make it our mission to ensure that each and every one of our clients are fully happy with the services we render.

As the best Temecula heater repair company, here is our guarantee:

  • Honest Quotes. With So Cal Services, what we quote is what you pay. Absolutely NO SURPRISES, NO HIDDEN ADD ON CHARGES and certainly NO OVERTIME.

  • No Pressure, No Hard Sell. We do not sell you services or equipment you do not need. If it can be repaired, you can be sure our technicians will do their absolute best to do it.

  • Honest Timelines. We believe in doing it right. No shortcuts or haphazard repairs or installations. We do not give empty promises of doing things fast only to fail to deliver later. However, rest assured that our technicians try to do a job as quickly as possible to cause as little inconvenience as possible to our customers.

  • Affordable Pricing that Fits any Budget and Needs. You are our top priority. We carry a wide array of equipment and parts. You can be sure that we have a solution that will address your requirements in the price that you are looking at.

  • Reliable Products and Services. Not only a wide range of choices, we carry top quality brands that have 100% warranty on parts, services and labor.

  • Top Caliber Technicians. You can be sure that our team is composed of experts in their field. Our plumbers and technicians are certified in their trades to the highest standards.


We ensure that our team undergo continuous training to keep current in the latest technology.

And you are assured that any job we do will safe and up to state, federal and local codes.

  • Full Range of Services. From installation, repair and maintenance, our technicians have the solution to your particular problem. For your plumbing, A/C and heating concerns, you can be sure that So Cal Services can help.

  • 24/7 Emergency Services.  When there’s an emergency, whether for a busted pipe, a heater that suddenly refuse to heat up or a cranky A/C in the middle of the hottest day in summer, So Cal Services has people ready to come to the rescue.


Temecula Heater Repair and Services

While sub arctic winters may not happen in Southern California, the weather can still get quite cold.  When your home or office suddenly suffers a heating issue, So Cal Services will come to the rescue. Our highly trained technicians are highly trained and skilled to respond to any problem you may experience.

  • Heating Repairs.  When you’re thinking of warm and toasty, and your heating system refuses to cooperate, call on So Cal Services for help. Our certified technicians are sure to find the problem and come up with the best solution.

What are the signs that tell you that  your heater or furnaces is performing less efficiently?

൦ Age of your system. If your heating system is already old, it may be time to consider a replacement.


൦ Increased energy bill.  This is a great indicator of a failing heater or furnace. All things being the same, if there’s a sudden spike in your energy bill, call So Call Services for a free diagnosis.

൦ Increased allergies. If you notice yourself or any family member frequently having the sniffles due to allergies, the heater might be the culprit. This is due to dust accumulation that results when it is performing less efficiently

൦ Zero Heat in certain spots in your home. A sure sign of trouble

൦ Pilot light is out

൦ Circuit breaker is tripped or blown

൦ Furnace is making strange noises. Strange noises are almost never ever a good sign.

൦ Furnace running constantly. This is what causes higher energy bill. This means that the furnace need to constantly be on to heat your home or office space

൦ Burner Gas Flame Is Yellow Instead of Bright Blue. This is a sign that your furnace is producing highly toxic gas carbon monoxide.

If you are noticing any or all of the above symptoms, don’t wait till you get hit with astronomical energy bills or caught in a dangerous situation of  Low Level Carbon Monoxide Exposure.

For the best Temecula heater repair, So Cal Services is the company to call.

  • Heating System Maintenance. Keeping your heating system regularly maintained is the best way to keep it running efficiently and most importantly SAFELY.

Like any other fossil fuel burning equipment, your furnace produces carbon monoxide. What makes it dangerous is that it is invisible and has no scent so it makes it difficult to detect.

Call So Cal Services and ask about our Kool Klub Service Agreements. This is a special arrangement that allows for regularly scheduled preventive maintenance visits. Among many other benefits, availing of this gives priority scheduling and a 10% discount for all parts and services.

  • Heating Installation and Replacement. Whether it’s for a new furnace or heating system or a replacement for one that has already reached its life’s end, So Cal Services carries a wide range of high quality equipment.  You are sure to find the solution that best addresses your needs and requirements – within your budget.


A new heating system can be substantial investment. However, if you’ve been living with an ageing heater or furnace, we are guessing that your heating bill is steadily rising or is in fact, already high.

Installing a new heater or furnace is more energy efficient and can lower your utility bill. And because of advances in technology, it is also more environment friendly.

All the equipment we carry have the ENERGY STAR rating. What does this mean? This means that they consume energy efficiently and you get the most value for your money.

The heating equipment that we carry includes

  • Heat Pumps

  • Zone Control Heating Systems

  • Ductless Split Heating Systems

  • Gas, Electric or Forced Air Furnaces


If you’re interested in a new heating system, call So Cal Services for a FREE replacement estimate.


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