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Temecula Water Heater Service

Advantages of Working with So Cal Services

When your water heater suddenly decides to stop working, call the most reliable Temecula water heater repair and service company. So Cal Services has a team of highly trained and qualified technicians ready to diagnose the problem and offer you the perfect solution.

Why do people love So Cal Services?

Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority. As a local, family-owned-and-operated company, we strive to uphold our reputation in every job we do. That’s why we always aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

It doesn’t matter what you need done - changing a faucet, replacing a water heater, or re-piping in your home - our technicians show the same amount of attention and craftsmanship to each job we take on.

Honesty is our Policy. This applies not only to the integrity we pour into our work, but also to the quotes and timeline we give you.

No Surprises. Pay exactly what we quoted - no added fees or charges for overtime work.

Honest Timelines. We do not sweeten the deal by promising to finish a job in a short time, then proceed to get the timelines messed up. Because we know what we’re doing, we give you the realistic timelines needed to get the job done properly.

Rest assured, however, that our technicians will always exert their best effort to finish quickly so any repair or replacement or installation cause as little inconvenience to your home or business as possible.

Affordable Pricing. We are mindful of your budget while ensuring that your needs are perfectly met. In addition, we will not sell any repairs or equipment that you do not really need.

Reliable Products. We carry reliable and known brands that are guaranteed to be durable and offer good value for money. Any replacement parts we use are high quality.

They are covered by a 100% warranty, not just on parts but also on labor and

State of the Art Equipment. We take advantage of what technology has to offer to make our services better and more efficient.

For instance, So Cal Services uses video recording through scoping to perform pipe inspections. This means we are able to pinpoint any problems more accurately with as little damage to your home as possible.

Highly Skilled and Qualified Technicians. The backbone of our business is our team of trained technicians. Without them, we would not be able to give you full customer satisfaction.

Our team is composed of dedicated individuals who constantly study to keep themselves up-to-date with current technology. They are also certified to the highest standards in their particular trade, so you can be sure that each job they do for you is safe and up to code.

Emergency Services. Because things happen beyond our control and in the most unholy of hours, So Cal Services has a team on standby 24/7 to answer to any emergency situation. Whether it’s a bathroom faucet suddenly spouting an uncontrollable leak or a busted pipe threatening to flood the basement, we have you covered.

So Cal Services: Best Temecula Water Heater Repair and Services

Hot water is essential for many of our household tasks - bathing, washing dishes, or doing the laundry. When your water heater suddenly decides to be uncooperative, it becomes such an inconvenience.

What are the signs that your water heater needs repair or maintenance?

● Popping noises from your water heater unit

● Water heater leaks, water pooling on the floor, or wet walls near the water heater

● Rust-colored water

● Water turns cold fast

● No hot water at all (definitely a sure sign of trouble)

Prevention is still the best policy. We recommend scheduling regular tune-ups for your water heater unit. This not only saves you 15% on your water heating bill, but you are able to catch any issues before they become bigger problems.

Ask how you can sign up for the Kool Klub Service Agreement maintenance program to enjoy benefits exclusive to Kool Klub Members. Just a few of the benefits you get to enjoy are:

Priority Scheduling. Should your water heater suddenly develop a problem, you receive priority scheduling AT NO ADDITIONAL COST during business hours.

Discounted Pricing. You get a 10% discount on parts and labor.

Automatic Scheduling. We track your tune-ups for you. We even call to remind you of these maintenance visits.

However, even with regular maintenance, things also break down. If your water heater refuses to work, you can rest assured that our technicians at So Cal Services provide the best Temecula water heater repair and service.

Whatever the problem is, they have the solution to address it. We use high quality replacement parts that are covered by a 100% warranty. Any repair work we do is likewise covered with a warranty on labor and services.

Water Heater Installation

When a replacement is in order, you can choose from our selection of water heaters from reputable brands sourced from many manufacturers throughout the industry. This way we are able to provide our customers with many choices at the best quality and price.

Ask about our tankless water heaters that are slowly replacing the traditional water heaters. Traditional units have a tank that holds water to keep it hot, whereas tankless water heaters heat water on demand.

Water gets heated as you use it, when the faucet is turned on. This means that they are more energy efficient and can reduce your water heating bills.

If your water heater is old and dated, there is a great possibility that it is also an energy guzzler. You may have to consider replacing it even if it is still working. National regulations now mandate more energy efficient home appliances, including water heaters.

So Cal Service’s team of trained and certified technicians are not only experienced in Temecula water heater repair and service, they are also experts at installing all makes and models of energy efficient water heaters.

When you choose to replace your old unit, you not only meet the new national regulations, you also start to save money and enjoy lower utility bills.

Call Us Today for Water Heater Service in Temecula

So Cal Services provides the best Temecula water heater services. We also install energy efficient water heaters that comply with revised national regulations.

Call us today and our experienced technicians will come to perform a diagnosis on your water heater. Whether it is for a repair, installation, or replacement of a water heater, you can be sure we have the perfect solution to your needs.

Contact us at 951-926-1978. We would like to hear from you about your problems or plans in your home, office, or shop.

Or send us an email at info@socalservices.com.

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