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Advantages of Working with So Cal Services, Top Plumber in Murrieta




In need of the top plumber in Murrieta? Busted pipes in the middle of the night?  Who do you call at such an hour? So Cal Services, as the top plumber in Murrieta, has you covered with our 24/7 emergency plumbing services.

We are a full service plumbing company that is locally and family-owned-and-operated and which has built a solid reputation for excellent customer service. If you are not 100% satisfied with our services, we have not done our job well enough.

Why do people trust So Cal Services?

As the top plumber in Murrieta, we service both residential and commercial customers. No job is too big nor too small for us – you get the same level of service and craftsmanship no matter what we do for you.

When you hire us as your plumber, here is what you receive:

Full Satisfaction. We never do things halfway, and that’s why we offer you a 100% warranty on parts, services, and labor.

  • Highly Trained Technicians. You’re sure to get top-notch service from our highly skilled and trained technicians. Whether it’s for changing a faucet, fixing a leaky toilet, or a full re-piping of your home, you are sure to get the same level of service – no matter the class of work.


We are always up to date with the latest technology because we constantly improve our skills with regular training.

Lastly, all technicians on our team are certified to the highest standard in their trade. You can rest assured that all work we do is safe and in compliance with all state, federal, and local codes.

  • Quality Parts. We install quality parts and equipment that are guaranteed to last. We source from reputable manufacturers in the industry so we can give our customers what they want – the BEST parts at the BEST quality and price.

  • Dependable Products. We use dependable name brand products that are all backed by warranty on parts, equipment, and labor.


No Hard Sell. Some companies want to sell you new equipment when parts are all that are needed to keep things running smoothly. We will never sell you something unnecessary. If your existing setup can be repaired, we will.

Additionally, we will always install high quality replacement parts.

Affordable. At So Cal Services, we are sensitive to our customer’s budget. Because we carry a wide range of products and equipment, you are sure to find the solution that meets your needs and fits your budget.


Full Service Company. We serve residential and commercial clients for a range of services including repair of leaky faucets, toilets, tubs and sinks, leak detection and repair, installation of water heaters, water filtration systems, and garbage disposals, as well as re-piping using copper or pex piping.

Call us for the top plumber in Murrieta, and we will send you a technician who will diagnose your problem and recommend the best solution for your particular situation.

Honest Quotes/Honest Timelines. We have built our reputation on the belief that honesty will always be the best policy.

  • Quotes. Pay for what we quoted. No additional fees. No overtime charges.

  • Timelines. We make sure to deliver on the deadlines we promised. Our technicians work hard to finish jobs in a timely manner to cause as little inconvenience to you possible.


Round the Clock Emergency Service. We offer peace of mind for those times when you really need it most. We have people on standby 24/7 so we can respond to any plumbing emergency.


Top Plumber In Murrieta – Full Service Plumbing Company

Here are just a few of the services we offer:

Pipe Repair and Replacement

Whether it’s for a pipe replacement or a full re-piping, our qualified and skilled plumbers will diagnose your problem and recommend the best solution for you.

What signs show that your pipes are in need of repair or a re-piping?

  • Old piping. If your pipes are old, maybe it’s time to consider replacing them with new copper, PVC, or PEX tube piping that are less likely to disintegrate with age

  • Rust colored water

  • Leaking pipes

  • Corroded pipes

  • Low water pressure


Especially when you have ageing piping in your home or office, we recommend considering a re-piping with new copper, PVC, or PEX tube piping. These are less likely to disintegrate over time.

Our experienced plumbers will do their best to finish the job quickly to cause as little inconvenience as possible.

Leak Detection

A telltale sign that you have a leak in your pipes is a skyrocketing water bill. It’s an easy fix if there are visible signs of a leak. However, it gets tricky when they are hidden behind walls or under slabs.

As the top plumber in Murrieta, So Cal Services employs the latest technology in leak detection using electronic equipment to pinpoint the location of leaks.

Our technicians are able to accurately identify where the leak is without causing damage to your home. When they find the leak, they will advise you on the best way to repair it.

Hydro Jetting

We perform this service for stubborn clogs and blockage in pipes and sewer lines. A blast of high pressure water is used to clear debris and build up. This worry-free procedure is safe for your pipes but is wonderfully effective in cleaning drains and sewer lines.

Repair, Replacement, and Installation

So Cal Services also specializes in repair, replacement, and installation of the following:

  • Garbage Disposal – We provide models that offer powerful, heavy-duty motors manufactured to specifications that help ensure high performance and longevity.

  • Water Heater – We install on demand, tankless water heaters that meet the national regulations mandating more energy efficient home appliances.

  • Water Filtration. Water purification systems can be installed for the whole house or from points of source


Our skilled technicians will come to your home, diagnose the problem, and find the best solution for your particular situation. We carry quality parts that are covered with warranty on parts, labor, and services.


If you need a replacement, we provide a wide variety of reputable brands for garbage disposal units, energy efficient water heaters, as well as water filtration systems. We are sure you will find the one that best meets your needs and fits your budget.


Top Plumber In Murrieta – Call Us for Your Plumbing Needs

If you are in need of quality plumbing services, call the top plumber in Murietta, So Cal Services. Our highly qualified and skilled technicians will diagnose your problem and recommend the best solution for you.


Reach out to us today at 951-926-1978 or contact us online through our contacts page.

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