These Plumbing Myths Will Cost You Money

Let’s be honest, a lot of your home maintenance routines are learned behaviors from your parents. They probably learned it from their parents. But have you ever stopped to wonder whether these old wives’ tales are doing your home more harm than good?


There is certainly nothing wrong with following conventional wisdom or advice that has been passed on from generation to generation. Most of it has been tried and tested, which shows that it works even when tackling modern home maintenance challenges.  


When it comes to plumbing duties, however, some myths are better left in the past. Some of these myths may be too obsolete or less effective in dealing with today’s plumbing challenges. What’s worse is that there are myths that may even be causing more damage to your home’s plumbing systems. 


In times like these, it is best to set those old habits aside and arm yourself with new information that has been tried and tested by plumbing experts. 


Here are the most common myths that you should know about plumbing, along with top solutions you should start using instead.

Top Plumbing Myths #1: Boiling Water Can Help Grease Down the Drain

It’s a common misconception that boiling water can neutralize grease, which will then allow it to go down the drain with no sweat. There is no truth to this myth; what is true is that grease, even when mixed with boiling water, will still cause your sink to clog.


The best way to deal with grease is to dispose of it properly.  Do not flush it down your sink or toilet drain. You may also want to mix cold water with the grease before disposal, which will solidify it without causing any clog on large sewer pipes.

Top Plumbing Myths #2: Lemons Can Clean Your Garbage Disposal

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Lemon rind is a good idea if you want your garbage disposal to smell fresh. However, that’s just what it does—makes it smell fresh. You cannot expect a lemon rind to actually clean the disposal. Besides, the acid in the lemon rind may even cause the metal in the garbage disposal to corrode.


Forget about using lemon rind and use a combination of water and mild soap to effectively clean and disinfect your garbage disposal. After disconnecting the disposal from the power source, you can spray the cleaning solution inside, leave it for a few minutes, and then scrub the disposal using a cleaning brush.

Top Plumbing Myths #3: Wet Wipes Can Be Flushed Down the Toilet

Wet wipes or baby wipes aren’t exactly flushable (even if the packaging says they are). They aren’t like biodegradable toilet paper that dissolves once flushed.  Wet wipes don’t dissolve and will only cause clogging in the drainage system.


Apart from wet wipes, paper towels and feminine hygiene products are also not flushable. So, before you dispose of them in the toilet, think of the blockage problems they will cause in your drainage system. They should be disposed of properly in the trash can.

Top Plumbing Myths #4: Running Water Helps the Garbage Disposal Deal with Any Food Waste

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No amount of water pressure can break and flush down any thick food item like eggshells or banana peel, so it’s high time you put this myth to rest and refrain from disposing of certain types of food waste in your garbage disposal. 


Due to their thickness, these food items will only clog and damage your garbage disposal, which obviously is an expense you don’t want to shell out money for.  What you should do is break up these food items properly and dispose of them in the trash can.

Top Plumbing Myths #5: Soap and Water are Enough to Clean Plumbing Fixtures

One of the more popular plumbing myths is using a combination of hand soap and water as a cleaning solution for plumbing fixtures. Soap is not a good idea, especially if your plumbing fixtures are made of brass, as it will cause the metal to corrode.


Even toilet bowls should not be treated with soap and water only. This combination isn’t enough to properly disinfect your toilet bowl.


For brass-made plumbing fixtures, good cleaning solutions to use are lemons and baking soda. Keep in mind to wipe the fixtures off after every use to protect the metal finish from peeling off.


For toilet bowls, disinfectants are recommended as cleaning solutions to effectively kill germs and bacteria.

Top Plumbing Myths #6: Leaky Faucets Are No Big Deal

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They are, actually. Most homeowners don’t deal with a leaky faucet until they get hold of their water bill. 

Water leakage is in fact the biggest plumbing problem today. Worldwide, 10,000 liters of water go to waste due to leaky faucets. Not only are leaky faucets a problem to Mother Nature, but to everyone who is losing money over water leakage as well.


There is no excuse for leaving that faucet leaking, so better have it fixed to help the environment and get savings on your water bill. You can actually save almost 10 percent when you have your leaky faucet fixed.

Top Plumbing Myths #7: Unclog Sinks Using the Plunger

We’ve all done this before, and more often than not, the results have always been messy.  What most fail to realize is that this solution isn’t ideal when used on a double sink. The clog on one drain will only come right back up on the second drain, if it totally slipped your mind to cover the unclogged one. 


Worst case scenario: Using a chemical cleaner along with the plunger, which may further cause a splash-back, resulting in the chemical to come back up the drain and head straight at you. 


Imagine the injury this would cause on you or your eyes, which may lead to potential blindness.

So, avoid using chemical cleaners or the plunger to unblock your sink. Have it treated by a professional plumber.

Top Plumbing Myths #8: There’s No Clog if It Still Drains

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Everything takes time to pile up. So, if you think your garbage disposal isn’t getting all clogged up, think again. Food waste and other disposed-of items will eventually build up and cause blockage inside pipes.


An early sign of clogging is a slow moving disposal, so once you this occurs, it is best to refrain from using the disposal until the blockage is removed

Top Plumbing Myths #9: Plumbing Fixtures Don’t Need Any Maintenance

This is one myth that can cost you hundreds of dollars if you carry on believing that your plumbing fixtures can take just about anything. Over time, your pipes could get clogged and sewer cleanouts could get blocked. If you let this go on for years, you may be in for some serious plumbing repair in the near future.


Keep in mind that plumbing fixtures in your home such as faucets, tubs, and pipes should be checked and maintained regularly to avoid drain blockage that may potentially damage your pipes and sewers.

Top Plumbing Myths #10: Not Taking the Time To Do a Plumber Check

Just because someone knows a bit about plumbing doesn’t mean they can easily help with your plumbing concerns. Not all plumbers are the same, so if you end up with someone who isn’t qualified or knowledgeable on your specific plumbing concern, you may be coughing up more dollars than you intend to spend.


There is no point in hiring someone cheap if he would only cause more problems than solutions. It is best to hire plumbing specialists who are industry certified, have many 5-star reviews, and know about the latest plumbing trends. This way, you can rest assured that your plumbing issues are being handled by genuine experts.

Take the time to research online about reputable plumbing specialists . Do a background check and make sure they are properly equipped to get the job done. 


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Tags: top plumbing myths, plumbing mistakes, plumbing old wives’ tales, how to take care of your plumbing, plumbing problems

top plumbing myths, plumbing mistakes, plumbing old wives’ tales, how to take care of your plumbing, plumbing problems

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