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Water Heater Replacement

The average person uses varying amounts of warm water up to 20 times a day, 140 times a week, putting the demand on our water heaters into perspective.   

You might say, your water heater is your closest friend.  It provides you warm water to keep your body washed, your dishes clean, and grants you peace of mind knowing you’re secure when the temperature outside drops.

You cannot predict a water heater breakdown unless you’re a professional.  But these 7 reasons we listed below may be enough to convince you that a water heater replacement is necessary.

Reasons It Might Be Time To Replace Your Water Heater – Before You Have An Emergency


1. Your Water Heater is Awfully OLD!

water heater replacement old age

The problem is, most homeowners are not familiar with how long a water heater lasts and when it is approaching its replacement date. This can lead to bigger dilemmas when your heater starts acting up because it’s old.

Most water heaters last between eight to ten years.  Although ten is the age when a water heater replacement is necessary, the recommended replacement may arise before or after this time.  

Even if it does not begin showing any signs, water heater replacement should be done once a decade has passed from your heater manufacture date.

2. You Hear Strange Noises

Noise is always an early warning sign of a failing water heater.  You will begin to hear strange noises which will get louder as your tank heats up water because of the heater’s age.

When a water heater deteriorates, sediment starts building upon the base of its tank and when its heated and reheated, this sediment will eventually harden.  That’s why you’ll often hear banging or rumbling sounds as the heater is heating up.

This signifies that the water heater is at the end of its useful existence.  Strange noises you hear are usually similar to loud cracks and pops. If you hear these, it’s time for a water heater replacement, before you end up with a leak or flood.

3. Rusty Water Coming Out of Your Faucet (ew!)

water heater replacement rust water

The crystal-clear water you’re used to seeing when you turn on that faucet turns a rusty color that is anything but acceptable.  When rust comes out of the faucet of your bathtub or sink, chances are you have a rusty water heater.

Steel is the strongest material known to exist but it has its Kryptonite: Rust.  If corrosion develops on a steel surface, it gradually advances and eats through the steel in multiple areas.

Some household owners resort to treating the rust in the water themselves, thinking that it’s simply a minor rust problem.  Check the age of your water heater before spending money on rust treatment products.

Rusting cannot be avoided when a heater is used past its expiration date.  Rusting happens in any water heater, even those that are only between eight and ten years old.

4. No Hot or Warm Water Coming Out

water heater replacement no hot water

Getting that water hot or warm is essential in most households.  Just imagine, you’re about to take a shower and the water is lukewarm, or worse, cold!  

You’re already late to work and the shower water takes a very long time to get hot.  These are indicators of a deteriorating water heater.

Almost all standard water heaters have a storage tank that can hold 30 to 50 gallons of water. When the water is heated, either through an electric source or gas, water minerals settle at the base of the tank.


These minerals deposits build up throughout the years and they start creating a boundary between the water and the heat source, causing less heat to reach the water. Thus, the shower stays cold or takes a long time to heat up.

In this case, if not replaced, your water heater will either leak or fail to operate completely.

5. Your Plumber’s Frequent Visits

As your water heater makes a farewell statement, it’s most definitely not going to go quietly. Rather, you’ll end up calling your plumber again and again, for numerous water heater repairs.

Your water heater may be giving you a sign that more problems are about to come when repairs keep adding up.  You probably need a water heater replacement if you have a very old heater and it has been repaired more than once in six months.  

When this happens, your last resort is to replace it before something serious happens.

6. Water All Over the Place

There is a great chance that you will see water all over your floor around its tank as your water heater reaches its death’s door.  If there’s water then probably, there’s a leak. A leak can, and will, result in considerable property damage.

Corrosion inside the tank of your water heater can result in cracks and fractures. Leaking water from the tank is a distinct sign of concern and requires an immediate water heater replacement.

A leak is said to be one of the most critical home maintenance issues you will ever face.

7. What’s That Stinky Smell?

water heater replacement stinky water

One of the problems that can arise when a water heater is dysfunctional is smelly water.  If there’s a metallic smell or taste in your water while taking a bath or washing your dishes, it can be a cloud on the horizon.  It will be a noticeable smell that’s distinct and peculiar.

Awful smell, such us a sewage-like odor or decayed materials, can be a result of bacteria thriving in your water heater.  The bacteria may not be dangerous but the smell and taste can be disgusting. In this case, there’s a chance you really need a water heater replacement.

You have to figure out where the smell is coming from to understand how to fix the problem. Some issues may be minor and you don’t really have to resort to a water heater replacement.  A trusted plumber can help you decide.

8. An Increase In Your Water Bill

The nightmare isn’t over yet. A costly water bill is under way.  Some water heaters may last to up to two decades for some households, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing.  Older water heaters take up more energy to keep its system running.

There have been instances of a water heater taking up 25% of the household’s energy use.  It will be helpful to you, budget-wise, if you get a new energy efficient model installed to decrease energy costs.  Act immediately before things turn to worse.

If you find these reasons listed above descriptive of your water heater, give So Cal Services a call!  We will truthfully evaluate our situation and let you know whether a repair is in order, or if you need a water heater replacement.  

We can instantly replace your water heater before disaster strikes. 

Contact our friendly plumbing professionals at 951-926-1978 (24/7 Emergency Service) or send us an email at info@socalservices.com.

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